How to Reverse or Reverse a Video on TikTok - Complete Guide

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How does the TikTok app work?

Now, before we can talk about why TikTok won't let you record videos or how to use the reverse effect when recording your videos. First, it is important that you can easily and clearly understand how TikTok works so that you can use it more easily at all times.

TikTok, as we already know, is an application that specializes in motivating and encouraging its users to record and create videos so that they can provide entertainment and information to all their users. That is, è a video application that you use to record, edit or upload videos that you already have in your gallery along with an attached sound.

But how does the TikTok app work? TikTok works in a very simple way, you just have to take care of receiving the content created or to create content for other users.

If you are one of the people who consume content, TikTok works dynamically to show you videos of your interest or things in general of those topics you like the most, but if you are one of the people involved in creating content, the app leaves the task of showing your videos to people who may be interested in what you are creating .

Why is the effect of reversing a video on TikTok famous?

The reverse effect or better known the Matilda effect, takes care of putting a video upside down, but so that you can understand it more easily, we will explain it in detail through an example.

This Matilda effect suggests that you have powers, since, if you record a video, where you take off your clothes and throw them away, with the effect it will appear that you are putting the clothes on your body with just a simple movement. as if it were magic.

It also happens that, if you are recording the video as if you were throwing an object, after using the effect you will see as if I had powers, just like in the iconic Matilda movie.

If you are wondering why the effect is so famous, this is the answer, many users enjoy creating videos where they appreciate that they have powers like Matilda had in the movie, it is a famous effect for the level of professionalism and realism in As the final result appears once the video is edited, anyone unfamiliar with the application will not guess that it is an effect and you can even make them doubt.

Steps to Reverse or Reverse a Video on TikTok - Complete Guide

The complete guide to be able to reverse or reverse a video on TikTok is very short and simple, don't imagine it being as extensive as the one that talks about how to get money on TikTok because doing this reverse effect is much easier.

If you want to know the steps for reverse or reverse video on TikTok and you partly want to perform the steps like to have a good quality video, you first need to know how to upload videos to TikTok from your mobile so that you can continue later the steps we will provide you later.

Once the video with which you want to create the illusion of the opposite has been uploaded to TikTok, you will go directly to the part where the effects icon appears so that you can search the effect that says 'reverse', download it and the magic is to do it yourself.

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