How to run .bat file as cmd administrator in Windows 10?

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How to run .bat file as cmd administrator in Windows 10?

The .bat files are very useful for Windows because they allow the automated execution of a series of operations that can be very tedious due to their repetition. In these cases a script with the extension.bat will allow the creation of commands for the development of fast activities and efficient according to the indications provided by the user.

Here is all the information you need to know about file.bat and how to run them from the command console in Windows 10.

What is a.bat file?

A.bates file is a document that contains a series of commands for performing repetitive tasks. Files with the .bat extension format are also called batch programs or shell scripts to refer to batch processing.

What is a.bat file used for? A.bat file comes used to perform subsequent actions. In this sense, it can be useful for deleting files, running certain applications or stopping specific processes.

How do you create a .bat file?

A.bat file must contain multiple lines of code in order to be executed one after the other (sequentially). To create it, you need to right-click on the desktop and select the “New” option. So, choose "Text document" and proceed to write the instructions you want to execute with the file.

Next, save your changes and name the file by adding the .bat extension. This way, by double clicking on this file, the system will execute the instructions you added in precedence.

What is the cmd console?

So what is the CMD prompt and what is it for? In short, it is a tool that has been used since older versions of Windows and is very useful for carrying out instructions.

La cmd console it works by entering a series of commands under the parameters set manually by the user. However, a.bat file can execute these commands automatically.

In addition to the above, you should consider replacing the cmd command prompt with PowerShell in Windows, which is a variant of the classic command prompt.

Run the.bat file as a cmd administrator in Windows 10

To run a bath o.bat file such as administrator cmd in Windows 10 it is necessary to right-click on the file and, from the context menu, select “Run as administrator”.

You need to be very careful when running a batch file because if you don't know the source of it, the integrity of your Windows files and your own files could be in danger. Some malicious programs and viruses use batch files to damage the operating system and impersonate its essential files. Although, if you are informed you shouldn't have any problems, you can also disable access to the CMD command prompt, which is useful if others use the computer.

On the other hand, if you have general problems with CMD, there are ways to insert the system symbol in Windows 10 when it won't boot. This is not only valid as shown above, it will also serve on a general level.

Create a link to the.bat file

Create a collegamento to the batch file whose address points to it and, from its "Properties", select the "Advanced Options" section to check the "Run as administrator" box. In this way, the Windows command line will execute line by line all the instructions that have been established in the.bat file.

Use the system command line

You can run your.bat file as an administrator from another simple path. To achieve this, go to Windows Start menu and in the "Run" option type cmd. Pressing the "Enter" button will open the command console. In it, locate the directory where the.bat file is located and run it by typing its name and extension.

For the above, you can consider the best CMD command lists for networks or any other function, as these codes will be responsible for performing all functions while running a bat.

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