How to search for contacts and applications on my Huawei phone - Quick and easy

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There are times when technology advances so rapidly that all those ways of handling equipment that you are used to changing. The equipment is constantly updated and for its correct functioning it is essential to update the EMUI version of your Huawei mobile phone.

Therefore, it may be difficult to access some services and applications on our computers. Today we will teach you how to access your contacts and applications in a way quick and easy.

How to find contacts and applications on my Huawei phone

Huawei has developed various access points on our mobile phone to simplify management, such as being able to activate navigation via gestures or activate the one-hand mode.

There are also several ways to quickly access our contacts and applications.

To access your contacts, scroll down the menu bar, where you will find an icon that resembles the silhouette of a person and this takes us directly to the list of contact numbers registered on the mobile phone.

It also has the ability to add new contacts, reorder the category name and group numbers as deemed appropriate; family, work, personal favorites, among others.

Entering the Calls segment, we find a telephone printout that could very well include calls made, missed or received depending on how the record is customized. If we swipe to the right we can enter the contact tray.

When we enter the message bar, the mobile gives us the option to enter the contact list and select one or more recipients to send a message to.

The applications, on the other hand, constitute a series of programs aimed at improving the quality of the service provided by mobile equipment. It allows the user to customize their equipment according to their interests and needs.

Applications that we can find on our Huawei device

There are two classes of applications that the user has access to on his mobile device. The applications that are previously installed and that allow optimal operation of the equipment and those available in the Play Store, a platform dedicated to offering free applications or apps that require payment.

The applications that come previously installed on the device are those essential to provide the user with a satisfying experience and range from telephone services, messaging, access to the gallery (where multimedia files such as images and videos are stored), calendar, contacts, notepad, mail, I have inserted others .

The Applications on the Play Store platform include an innumerable amount of Apps available to the user. Be it for leisure, entertainment and training. This type of App allows the user to have access to the world around him through free downloads or some that require payment for their content.

The user can stay informed and communicated, access entertainment platforms such as games or consultancy. Gym cooking recipes, news and more.

How to access applications on my Huawei mobile device

Access is very simple, just follow the steps below:

  • Go to menu
  • click on Settings
  • You will find a list where you need to access Applications.

You will find the word applications and if we click on it it will direct you to where the apps you have downloaded are, there you will also find the default applications.

They are those previously installed on the mobile and which work with the software costs.. You must keep in mind that the default applications ensure the functioning of the mobile device, so you must be careful and avoid uninstalling them.

Technologies as we know them change, advance and renew themselves on a daily basis to improve the experiences of their consumers. It is necessary to adapt to this movement. We offer you explanations simple and easy understanding so that when you handle your mobile you have a pleasant experience.

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