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Sometimes we don't have a cell phone at hand and we use Facebook messaging, or we are just having a good conversation in our Facebook Messenger application and we don't want to disturb the other person talking on WhatsApp. Now let's imagine the following scenario: “the aforementioned user sends us a very important note via the Messenger application and our task is to spread it”.

È possible to perform such a task? Well, today here in Look How It Is Made you give a short, but complete information on this topic, pay attention.

What requirements do I need to be able to send these audios?

First of all you need it an Android or iPhone mobile phone, preferably of the latest generation, although this advice works for most Android or iOS versions, it is also necessary to use a network connection, either from your Wi-Fi network distributor or from your company phone. With just these two things we can start.

Already selected you need to click on options, then share. At this point all that remains is select the application, which in this case is Facebook Messenger, then the contact in question and press send.

How to share an audio in Messenger on WhatsApp on Android

Sharing an audio from Messenger to WhatsApp turns out to be a very interesting idea because facilitates the process of sharing information from one network to another. As this information never deteriorates and you will have it at your fingertips with just one click. Also, believe it or not, audios from different platforms like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp take up less storage space. This allows us to work faster and more efficiently, as well as ensuring that the flow of information is much faster.

In addition to this, the audios allow for better sound treatment. And it allows your production to be much more effective. For this reason, here we present some simple steps to allow you to share an audio from Messenger on WhatsApp.

Once you've done the above steps, let's finish with the hardest, below the simplest part of this tutorial:

  1. You have to go to the application panel of your mobile phone and look for the application "My files" or similar, where you put manage your files and folders.
  2. Once inside, you should go to the download folder which usually has the same name "download" or its English translation "downloand". You have to press on it.
  3. In it you just have to scroll and press on the audio you downloaded, then go to its options and hit “share”.
  4. A series of options and contacts will appear where you will select the option with the WhatsApp icon.
  5. In it, all you need to do is search for the specific chat you need to send the audio to. This can come from a person in question or select a previously created group. 

How to download audio from Messenger?


And if having an audio on the social network is not enough for you, you can also download it to your computer or device. This is to be able to play it anywhere without having access to the Internet or, failing that, to a WiFi network. For this, there are two methods, the first is to enter Google Chrome and from there enter Facebook and log in with username and password in our account.

In Facebook, we click on the icon with the three white dots located on the right side of the screen of our device. There we will select the computer version option. Once destined for the PC version, we find ourselves in the chat from which we want to download the audio. Next to each audio, three dots will appear on one side where we have to press to bring up the download option on the screen. and voila, the audio is downloaded to your mobile immediately.


Another popular method of downloading files is the following. After receiving said


voice message via the Messenger application, you need to exit and perform the following steps:


  1. You have to go to the application panel and go to Play Store, where you will go to the search bar and write the following "mini work", already written you will press and select the first option.
  2. Now in it you just have to download it, for this you just have to press the green button that says "install", immediately when you press it, the download and installation will start automatically.
  3. Once downloaded you just have to open the browser and in the search bar of this write "Facebook"
  4. Access the mobile web version on Facebook and enter your personal data, both username and email and password.
  5. Once logged in, all you have to do is go to the message box which is commonly found at the top in a blue bar, with the Messenger application icon. Put pressure on him.
  6. When in chats, scroll down until you find the one of the user with the voice note in question. Click on this note and it will ask if you want to download it, which you will give permission.
  7. The audio will be archived in the memory of the mobile phone.

Where are Messenger files saved on Android?

Even if you don't believe it, Messenger at the time of its installation create a folder on your device to archive all your files. And even if there are those who say that it is impossible to find it, here you will learn how to do it in a very easy and simple way For this in the first instance you have to go to the memory of your mobile and select the Folder storage. Then you need to select the sdcard subfolder immediately. A series of folders will appear, you just have to click on the one named Pictures and then select Messenger. And here will appear all the images saved from this social network.

How to forward an audio from Messenger to WhatsApp on iPhone

This process is quite simple and conspicuous when it comes to saving time for transmitting information from one place to another. First of all, from our iPhone you have to log in to the Messenger application and log in to your account. Then we open the chat where the audio you want to forward is located and in the icon next to the audio hit the share option. But here we will notice that this App only allows us to share audio only with another user on the network and not with other applications or other platforms.

But from here we bring you a simple trick, for this it is necessary open the voice recorder of our mobile device and press the registration option. We exit the recorder and it continues to run in the background, we go back into Messenger and they play the audio. When the audio ends, the recorder stops and you name the file. Then select the accept option and that's it, now you can send it to any WhatsApp chat.

How do you send a WhatsApp audio to Facebook?

Yes, you just have to go to the WhatsApp folder, which is in the memory of your mobile, and there select the media folder, then whatsapp voice notes, you must enter it.

There you will have different folders with different dates, you need to search for the folder and note which has the specific date and time. In fact, if you are running out of storage space, deleting these files will free up your memory.

A very important detail is that WhatsApp audios are in .OPUS format, which means that when sent to other people, they generally cannot reproduce them. To share and play it, it is advisable to convert it to a more common format such as MP3. This procedure can be performed with the File Manager application available in the Play Store of the Android device. Or if not, use the OPUS to MP3 app, which is a fairly easy-to-use audio converter.

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