How to send encrypted or secret messages from Facebook to anyone

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Human beings by nature need to communicate, interact with others, listen and be heard, share their feelings.

This communication it can be carried out between 2 or more people, using different means, in a natural or artificial way, in order to convey the desired information.

Il message it is the most used in the communication process. This is the information that is usually sent verbally or in writing where the sender (who writes the message) communicates with the recipient (who receives it) allowing the exchange of information and ideas.

There are various ways you can communicate such as verbal, non-verbal, individual, collective, auditory, visual, telephone communication and one of the most common you can use is virtual or digital.

Text messages were added to these devices on cell phones in the 80s, but in 1992 it was possible for the first time to send a text message from a computer to a cell phone.

It is also possible to send messages via electronic devices such as computers, social networks or simply by e-mail, this communication is possible via an internet network. They are so advanced that automatic replies can now be configured.

there social networks and instant messaging applications that allow you to start a conversation with other users and exchange information, among which you can use Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook. Although many times it is necessary to see the message requests on Facebook

What is messaging on Facebook?

It is a computer program which allows two or more people to interact and communicate with each other, also known as Facebook Messenger.

This messaging service or Messenger originated from the Miralbis company in 1996. Four young Israelites created this messaging program under the name ICQ, which was combined with email and chat so that people could communicate more efficiently. where are you.

It was later created for Facebook under the name Facebook Chat in 2008. In 2010 it again included the messaging service among its products. It was initially created as Facebook Chat in 2008. Then it included it again as a product to offer to the user in 2010 and reopened in 2012.

But in 2014 it was reported that this messaging service would be phased out and that separate users would download this application independently

So in 2015 Facebook created a messaging website for their platform. Fortunately for everyone in 2016 Facebook decided to include Facebook Messenger Lite.

The benefits you have with Facebook instant messaging are that it's free to download, but best of all it's already included when you join Facebook and your messages are free.

Something important to remember is that it is not only based on sending or receiving messages, but also that in it you can send voice messages, animations, tell where you are and send stickers. Although sometimes it can happen that the messages are not delivered in Messenger

You may on several occasions want to send secret or private messages, it could be sending pictures of your bank accounts, cards or other information. On Facebook you can find this option with which your messages will remain private or encrypted for your safety.

How to send encrypted or secret messages from Facebook to anyone?

If at the time of the communication or sending of messages you want your messages to remain secret or encrypted, then I will provide you with a series of steps that we will show you below, but it is also possible to view and recover deleted messages from Facebook

Step 1

In Facebook at the top right where the chat icon appears, click on the pencil symbol.

Step 2

Now at the top right side the Secret option appears, place the button on it and press click on it.

3 pass

Then select from yours contact list the person or persons to whom you want to secretly send the message.

4 pass

Now in the dell'orology symbol which appears in the text message and has the timer so that the messages disappear at the desired time.

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