How to send private messages from the Tik Tok social network application

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From wanting to know how to do direct on Tik Tok to finding out when you start paying money. The questions are many and we are here to try to answer each of them in as much detail as possible.

In this case we will see how send messages to anyone on Tik Tok in a simple way. This way you can communicate with those you follow or admire quickly and effectively.

The social network has an option for send private quickly in an agile way. Currently, practically all social networks have the function of sending private messages. Tik Tok will be no exception.

Also, in case you still haven't fully understood how Tik Tok works and all the things you can do. We've already talked enough about the subject in the article we talked about earlier. In it you will be able to find out everything you need to do before you start using the app.

Now we will go straight to this simple tutorial where you will quickly learn how to send private messages to anyone on Tik Tok in a simple and above all fast way.

How to send private messages on Tik Tok

The Tik Tok application is known to many people. Millions and millions around the world spend many hours creating videos to upload to it. Do you want to know how to send private messages?

In fact, it's extremely easy send private messages to your friends or people you follow on this particular social network. All you have to do is enter your profile and once you are in it you have two ways to send a message.

The first is to click on the button that says "Message" at the top of the screen, just below your profile photo. The other option is to click on the three dots that appear at the top right. A pop-up window will open and where we can see “Messages” just click on that option.

This way you can send messages to whoever you follow and whoever follows you on this social network which is becoming more popular every day; Sure, if you've already managed to download the Tik Tok app.

How to send messages on Tik Tok

In this simple enough way you can send a private message in the application. As you can see, it's not too complicated and within seconds you will be able to start chatting or talking to the person you want.

There is no kind of limitation during the sending messages through this application. This way you can contact people you admire or friends without having to use another app to do so.

Of course, you have to remember that thanks to its wonderful developers, the popular Tik Tok application has certain statutes that you must follow when sending messages, public or private.
We can in fact control comments, duo and direct messages thanks to the updated security checks available for some time on Tik Tok.

If you still have any questions about how to send private in this social network you can leave it in the comments that you will find a little below.

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