How to set and disable comments for a video on TikTok

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That is why the developers and programmers of the platform were in charge of improve options. To avoid this kind of hassle, thus designing a small configuration that allows you to upload a video where the specific space for comments is not enabled.

What are the Tik Tok videos like?

Initially we need to understand that Tik Tok is a unique platform characterized by the style of the videos that are loaded onto it. Normally, there is a wide variety of Tik Tok video types, which you can delete the videos uploaded to your account anytime you want.

Unlike other YouTube-style platforms, Tik Tok only allows you to upload video in a short period of time, which goes on 15 to 45 seconds. And this is also because reducing the times is a way for followers not to get bored because the videos are saturated.

What effects can be applied to Tik Tok videos?

One of the best options in Tik Tok is the big one variety of sound effects, with which you can create content in a very fun way. Even if you don't like the effects that the program already offers, you can choose to use some songs from the YouTube and Spotify platforms,

It also has the ability to record voice, with which many users have made videos in which they show tremendous talent in musical art. For those who have great creativity, the limit is a bit far, being a champion who goes to a slightly more humorous approach.

Trends on Tik Tok

Incredible as it may seem, this application that hasn't been famous for a long time already has some trends among users responsible for uploading content. Even some videos that turn out to be really very simple will appeal to your watchers, which allows you to get real followers who like your work.

Among the videos that have gotten a large number of views you can see copycat videos. These are videos where users try to simulate audio (talk or song) with their mouth, making it seem like they are actually making audio, a very interesting category.

How to set and disable comments on a Tik Tok video?

If uploaded videos manage to gain a great deal of relevance among viewers, they also tend to attract the attention of haters (people who express a feeling of boredom or anger at a video). This disgusts any user and that is why there is an option for disable comments on a video.

So, to disable comments we must first enter the Tik Tok application, so it must be section of the profile is selected, found in the menu at the bottom of the interface on the left side. Therefore click on the video to which we want to apply this option.

Then, we need to select the button with three points in vertical (we must not confuse it with comments, the one we are looking for has the white dots). Immediately, a new menu will open and in this menu we have to look for the option that says "Settings", which is represented by a padlock-shaped element.

Already in this new interface Sara appreciated the option for disable comments for this video, let's just give a touch to the enabler which is on the right side and that's it. We will have already disabled comments for that video.

Thanks to this option, some users who are very susceptible to other people's comments have managed to avoid different types of problems that can arise from this action. Making this tool truly valuable.

Remember that not only can you block comments on a video, if you think a user is bothering you, you can easily block someone from TikTok from Android. And you, do you already have an account in this innovative app or do you want to create an account on TikTok?

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