How to set or activate the battery percentage in the status bar of your Android mobile

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Nobody likes to run out of a battery in their phone, and if you don't have a charger, that's no fun at all. In addition, many modern mobile phones have applications that consume the charge of your smartphone very quickly and that is why we always want to save the battery of our Android mobile.

So, to keep track of the battery level, it is very useful to have the battery percentage indicator on the mobile phone screen. Many applications allow this indicator to be activated. But did you know you can do this from the settings without installing applications? Too easy!

Turn on the battery percentage in the status bar via settings

Depending on the Android version and the model of your mobile, you can activate the function or enter the battery percentage in the status bar in the settings menu. And it can be very useful, since with it we can know the charging time of the battery of a mobile phone.

Normally, you can get this option if you go up "Settings" or "Settings", among the options select "Battery". There you can get different functions to manage the energy of your mobile. And you can turn on the option to show the battery percentage in the status bar.

On Samsung phones, the steps are slightly different. After entering "Settings", go to the "Notifications" section. Then, go to the “Status Bar” options and hit “Show Battery Percentage”. This will show the remaining battery percentage in the status bar.

If the above options are not in your cell phone settings, don't worry. Go to "Settings" and at the top of the screen and in the search box type "percentage".

Among the results will appear "Battery percentage", press the result and it will automatically go to the corresponding menu where you can activate the option. After following these steps, it will also be possible to calibrate the battery of any Android mobile phone by being able to see the charge of the smartphone.

Enter the battery percentage in the status bar via the system UI tuner

Each operating system has its own secret menus that cannot be found with the naked eye, and Android is no exception. Since version 6.0 (Marshmallow) a secret menu with which you can change the interface of your mobile.

Through it, you can activate features and functions on your mobile that do not come by default. However, some Android phone manufacturers don't allow access to it.

To access this secret menu, open the notification bar and hold the gear icon for a few seconds. A notification will appear on the screen confirming the activation of the tuner or configurator of the system user interface.

Then, enter "Settings" or "Settings", go down the menu and you will see the option with a wrench icon “System UI Tuner”, in some mobile phones it will not appear in the main menu but in “System”.

There you can access various functions to add functionality to your mobile phone interface. In the battery section you can activate the option "Always show the percentage" And that's it! You will see the remaining percentage of your mobile's battery on the screen. This way, you will know if you need to save battery on your Android mobile with an application, to get the most out of it.

Show battery percentage on screen using apps

If you can't access the settings already described, don't give up. Many applications are available in the Google Play Store to help you see the percentage of your mobile phone's battery on the screen.

If you type in the search "Battery percentage" you will find apps that will help you show that data on the screen and even monitor other functions regarding the efficient use of your cell phone's energy.

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