How to set or change the language of my keyboard to Japanese for typing on mobile phones?

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Technology leaders are responsible for the design and manufacture of mobile devices and other electronic equipment around the world. Due to this, they have been met with the need to include an immense variety of languages ​​in mobile phones.

Normally, companies are responsible for the configuration and distribution of devices by language of country of destinazione, but they have also implemented the ability to access other available languages, including Chinese, Korean, Hebrew, Russian and among them Japanese .. This is in case some users find it more comfortable or interesting to use their equipment with another language .

Of course, this language list is available on smartphone or smartphone of the current era. So a basic or non-high-end mobile device may not have access to this option, this may vary by manufacturer.

How to set or change the language of my keyboard to Japanese for typing on mobile phones?

The type of actions to be performed to change the input and the navigation language of the device can change from one mobile to another. This is because each manufacturer uses different navigation software. Today we are showing you the general steps that you can apply on your mobile to apply the Japanese language.

As a first step, you need to enter the application menu of your device and select the option "Settings". This application can have different icons. But it is commonly found in the form of a gear or wrench.

Next, it must be in the relative to option "Text and writing". For this you can take a look at the previous description of the content of each option. Although it is mainly in the section "System".

Once located within the corresponding option, you need to click on "Language and text entry". This is where the manufacturer makes the language settings based on the target of the devices. To do this, you need to enter the region or current location. If you take a look, you will surely find the name of your country in this box.

Now, click "tongue". You will find a drop-down list with available languages ​​and the option to add one. This is where you should look for the Japanese language.

When you find it, click "confirmation" and then all the information contained in your device as well as applications or files and the keyboard will change to Japanese language.

Another method to change the keyboard language to Japanese

There are some cases where the device may not allow the keyboard writing and even the language to be changed. That is why there are a variety of applications available in the Android Store (Play Store) and iOS (App Store), which allow you to perform this function. You simply have to download them and start enjoying them.

One of these alternatives is Local More. It is a versatile platform that allows the integration of new languages ​​on your device easily and without requiring any other adjustments or downloads.

At the end of the download process, you have to enter the application and configure your mobile with the language. The application has a search engine that allows you to click on the flag of the country that manages the language you want to apply. In the case of Japan, the flag is white with a red circle in the center.

Then, click Save and if you see an item with the option to allow editing, you just need to click Accept.

As you can see, the process of changing your device's keyboard language is quite simple. Generally, devices that have an Android OS greater than 5 have the option built in by default. However, for devices with an older Android version, they can use the App like the one described above.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. We'd love to hear from you Were you able to configure the keyboard of your Android device to write in Japanese? Do you know any method by which you can apply this function? Leave us your answer in the comments.

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