How to set Snapchat timer to take pictures?

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What is the Snapchat timer for?

The timer mode included in said photo-supported messaging application is direct to the moment you want the "message" to be visible.

That is, for those who want to share the captured image, but for some time after opening the message. Useful function, but not related to delayed photo capture.

How can I take pictures with a timer on Snapchat?

Unfortunately it is not yet possible to set a timer on Snapchat for photos, but the application does allows you to upload and share material that has been captured on another medium. So, this shouldn't be a limitation for taking advantage of both Snapchat and self-timer photos.

Using the new Snapchat update is essential for all kinds of processes, thus avoiding problems with older versions.

Therefore, here we include some great apps for capturing time lapse images and how to upload them in the app messaging.

Camera with timer

android usersOne of the best options for taking pictures with a timer is the Timer Camera, as it has many useful functions.

For example, it allows photos to stay level, even if the environment in the photo or the hand stability they are not the best.


Also includes different focus modes and an ideal setting for close-ups are very useful, as well as allowing you to adjust the shutter delay time.

One of the best things about this App is that it is totally free and its only downside is that it includes some ads from time to time.

Timer photo +

As the name suggests, this product is intended solely for the timer. But it's really powerful at what it does and is available for iOS devices.

In fact, it lets the timer be adjusted according to the user's needs, being able to choose a time between 3 seconds and 3 minutes. Yes, you read that right, wait up to a full 3 minutes. Also, to enhance the experience, it has a multi.snap and a flash control.

On the other hand, it includes the ability to preview each captured image before being able to save it and even share it directly on social networks.

Moment Pro camera

If at any point you have heard of this App, it is because it is one of the best of its kind available for iOS devices. It is full of features with which the photos are very professional quality. And although all modes are obtained via the paid version, for the most part the free application is more than enough.

As for the timer, the configuration allows you to choose a timer up to 60 seconds, which is no small feat if we compare it with other programs. Likewise, it allows continuous shooting and you can take up to a total of 10 photos at a time to be able to choose the one we like best.


Upload more photos to Snapchat

Sharing captured images outside of this App is not an impediment, whether you are using the smartphone camera or an external service, the method is the same.

The only thing that needs to be done is, after having the photo in question, follow the steps below to be able to

  • Run Snapchat, and from the main screen, go to » Memories «, Where two tabs will be displayed» Snap " and also " Camera roll «, You must choose the second.
  • Then you select or tap the photo you want to share via the app. And voilà, all you need to do is press " Send «.
    Although, if you wish, you can access the icon in the upper right corner of three dots, to go to " Edit photos «
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