How to set up a shortcut to launch the camera on Android

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Since then, mobile devices have been called smartphones or smartphone, since with them we can carry out many of the activities we do on computers through different applications and more.

In fact, the quality of the current cell phones it is so high that with the higher end ones we can find amazing high definition cameras to take pictures like a pro.

While these cameras can't compete with the way professional cameras are shot, they can actually achieve high quality and even capture moving photos.

This has led many people to have the opportunity to capture special moments without having to carry a camera, since the device will be enough in their pocket.

But what happens when we want to capture something as soon as possible? We don't always have the opportunity to take out the cell phone, unlock it and quickly access the camera application. But there are other alternatives, as we will explain below.

Your cell phone and camera fast

Nowadays, having a phone it is synonymous with having an easily accessible camera with decent quality at your fingertips. But if you are one of those people who do not want to miss a single moment of the day or even of the night and leave it immortalized in a photo or in one Video, you have ways to quickly access your mobile.

The first option you have is to use the quick access that your mobile has on the lock screen, it is usually an option that Android's have and you will be able to see it in the corner of the lock screen with the icon of the camera, which you will need to slide for access the camera.

On the other hand, you can use the gestures to access it faster by double tapping the power button on your Android device.

This can be configured in the settings of your mobile, then by going to the options "System" and in the section "Gestures", you have to go to the option " Quick access camera »And activate it to do the same as previously mentioned.

Through the apps

The option we talked about earlier is fast enough to have the phone with the camera activated before taking the phone out of your pocket.

But, if that's not fast enough for you, you can download an application called QuickCamera which allows you to access the camera however you like.

It is an application that, through two quick movements of the wrist, allows you to access your camera even if it is screen is locked.

In the application options, you can make the gesture open the camera with the screen locked or even make it recognize that you are sleeping or who is in pocket in so it doesn't accidentally open.

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