How to set up and configure Mozilla Firefox as the default browser on Windows

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I web browsers have been useful to us, especially when searching on the Internet, they help us to have a cleaner and simpler navigation. Therefore, it is essential to know how to select the browser more suited to our needs among the best web browsers 2020.

How to set and configure Mozilla Firefox as the default browser on Windows?

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular browsers today due to its good performance and functionality when browsing the web. With its launch in 2002, the Mozilla Foundation put your browser on the list of the best in the world.

Firefox is basically a browser Web gratuito e open source, which you can download and install completely free of charge or update the Mozilla Firefox browser to the latest version, which is a big plus for all of us. It is important to note that Mozilla was built primarily with users in mind and what is best for them.

It is developed for the iOS, Linux, Android, MacOS and Microsoft Windows platforms. Therefore, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of its functions and benefits.

On the contrary, when doing a search or, for example, accessing the web from a direct link, it is necessary to enter immediately from our favorite browser. In this article we will teach you how to set up and configure Mozilla Firefox as the default browser on Windows.

Steps to set Mozilla Firefox as the default browser on Windows

The first thing we need to do, in case we don't have this browser, is download and install it. We recommend that you download it from the Mozilla official website.

Once downloaded and installed successfully, we open it. When this browser is opened for the first time on our Windows computer, a window will appear on the screen informing us if we want to configure Firefox as the default browser.

Next, we select the option Use Firefox as your default browser, this will automatically configure Firefox as the default browser. In case you don't leave this box, we need to follow the next step.

With our Mozilla browser open, in the upper right corner we do click on the three horizontal stripes and then we select where it says options (represented by the cogwheel symbol).

Then it will send us at General Settings of the browser, in the first option of avvio we see it says that Firefox is not your default browser. To the right of it we select the option Make Default.

Finally, the following information will appear Firefox is your default browser, so we have successfully selected this fantastic browser as the default in Windows.

Steps to set Mozilla Firefox as the default browser in Windows 10

In the case of Windows 10, it is a little easier to configure Firefox as default, once we have downloaded and installed this browser on our computer, we have to follow the following steps:

  • The first step is to select the option Search, located in the lower left corner of our computer screen and write programs.
  • Then select the option that says Installation default applications.
  • By doing the previous action, it will direct us directly to the configurations of the applications installed on our computer.
  • As we descend until we find the option Web browser, click and select the Mozilla Firefox browser.

How to download and install the Firefox browser on Windows?

To download Firefox on our computer, the first thing is to enter any browser we have available and access the main page of Mozilla Firefox. While on this page we select Download Now, the download will start automatically.

Once downloaded, we open it and it we configure to our liking, so we click Install and give the admin permission. We hope it is installed correctly, we must be patient.

In this way we will have successfully downloaded and installed the Mozilla Firefox browser on our computer.

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