How to share internet from iPhone with my laptop or other mobile phone

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And this can be done wirelessly, using various connection methods, both via WiFi, via USB device or via Bluetooth. And this is possible thanks to the advancements that the Apple company has made in its mobile devices and equipment. Then you will have the final say in choosing which connection method to use.

The articles you will find here are characterized by offering you the best solutions to your daily problems, when it comes to technology. And it's so easy to keep your iPhone screen on longer. We offer you the following tutorial which will show you with simple steps how to share internet from iPhone with my laptop or other mobile phone.

How to share internet from iPhone with my laptop or other mobile phone

We've already told you how easy and versatile it can be to share your internet connection from yours iPhone with other devices. And what you need is to know how to do it, without a lot of complications and very quickly. Next we will tell you what steps you need to follow to make this connection.

But there is something that most users are definitely not aware of iPhone devices namely that they have a feature that allows you to share the Internet with other devices. This of course without having access to a WiFi network and this is called Internet sharing. It is very practical, because you can do it wirelessly.

So that we can have access to this feature and we can share the internet from the iPhone with my laptop or other mobile phone. We will go to the boot menu of our device, then we will click on the Settings option. This will take us to the window of the same name and we will find several options like Flight mode, Mobile data, Operator, etc.

Activating and using Internet Sharing on an iPhone

For our case in particular, we will press on the Mobile data option and here we need to verify that mobile data and 3G are activated. If not, you have to activate them, you will do this by pressing the switch and sliding it to the right. This action will allow it to change color to green, this will indicate that it has been activated.

Let's exit this window and now we will select the Internet Sharing option, this action will take us to a new window. Here we will see that the Internet Sharing option is disabled and we will proceed to Enable it. We will do this similar to the previous step to activate Mobile Data and 3G.

Now, so that another person does not have access to our Internet connection without authorization, we will enter a password for our WiFi. Click on the option Password WiFi and enter a password and finally click the Accept option. In this way we have enabled the function from our iPhone to share the internet.

Now to be able to connect from a laptop, in it with the cursor we will go to the bottom right, in the taskbar. And we will make a clip on the icon of Internet access, when you do, a window will open on the right side of the screen. Here you can find your iPhone under Available Networks, you need to select it and click Connect.

When we do this, it will ask us for our password and we will already share the internet with our laptop, similarly it must be done with another mobile device. And so in this way we have shown you the different methods you need to perform so that you can share internet from iPhone with my laptop or other mobile phone in a very simple way.

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