How to show or hide the accountant «Like» of Instagram and Facebook

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After several months of testing, Facebook decided to give everyone a chance to show or hide the "like" or "like" counter of your publications. The company had started removing the "Like" counter in some users' Instagram posts, and has now chosen to give control to the users themselves, in order to decide whether or not this figure should appear in their publications.

It was decided to follow this strategy because, according to Facebook, some users they consider it advantageous to be able to see the "likes" of other people's publications when evaluating what kind of content is in fashion.

The icon of Instagram, the most used social network of images and videos in the world.

Show or hide «Like» on Instagram step by step

In the case of Instagram, the option is offered to hide or show the «Like» counter to the rest of the users of the social network.

But there is also the possibility of hide the "Like" counter in all posts in the feed, so that you can't even see the stats of other users. Likewise, was included the option for hide the counter individually for each publication.

The steps to hide or show the Instagram "likes" counter.

If you hide the "Like" counter, the number of views of videos uploaded to the feed.

enable or disable the counter, you just need to log in to the application settings, and once there, enter the "Publications" section, where there will be a switch that can be enabled or disabled to hide or show the statistics.

Show or hide Facebook «likes» step by step

In the case of Facebook, this option works similar: by deactivating the counter, other people will not be able to see how many “Likes” your publications have.

To do this, you have to access the application settings, and from there go to the "Board Settings" section, where you can hide the reaction counter, both in your posts and in those of other users.

Steps to hide or show likes in Facebook posts.

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