How to sign up for Google I / O 2021 to see it for free and online from home

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Il Google I/O 2021 It will take place virtually on 18, 19 and 20 May, and inside there will be at least six presentations not to be missed. But in order to follow events, you need to first register to be able to participate completely free of charge.

If you are not yet registered for follow Google I / O events, sessions and presentations live and from home, today we explain how to do it step by step.

Google I / O 2021 will be held between 189 and 21 May.

Sign up for Google I / O 2021: how to do it step by step

Although i major Google I / O events 2021 will come transmitted online and can be viewed without registration, the registration for the event will help you reserve a place in workshops and question sessions which will be broadcast live.

Also, the subscribers they will receive personalized event suggestions, exclusive badges and the ability to chat with other I / O attendees.

The procedure for register a Google I / O is very simple, and it can be done from both your mobile phone and your computer. You just have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google I / O 2021 website
  2. Tap the icon with three horizontal lines in the upper left corner.
  3. Tap «Sign up».
  4. Choose the "Login" option and log in with your Google account.

After registering, you will receive an email with interesting information about Google I / O 2021 and you will be able to access your “My I / O” page. From that page you will be able to see the presentations and suggested events that may interest you and your badges obtained for participating in the fair.

It is also possible from the I / O page directly access the broadcasts of each of the sessions and workshops which will take place over the three days. Remember that you can now check the date and time of all Google I / O 2021 events.

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