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Having this app when you are very sick to cook on your own is a relief, and even more so knowing that there are healthy things on the menu like soups and teas. Likewise, this has become a great opportunity for increase revenue of some restaurants, since there are many people who choose this means instead of going to the physical site.

If you are the owner of a food kiosk and are interested in knowing how to register your business in this application to increase your sales, stay with us, as we will explain how to register at Uber Eats.


How to sign up for Uber Eats?

Whether you want to order at home or you want to associate your restaurant to send orders, the first thing you need to do is register, for this you have to follow the following steps. (You should know that if you already have an account Uber, these two steps are optional, as you can also use it for Uber Eats).

Step 1: Download the application / access the website.

It is quite simple download the application Uber Eats, you just need to enter the application store that corresponds to your device, Google Play or App Store and follow the steps to register. You can also do it from your pc by going to the official Uber Eats website.

Step 2: "Create an account on Uber Eats"

When you log into Uber Eats, the main thing you will see is the option to log in. However, you must first click on " Create an account ". Then you will need to indicate your phone number and your email. In this case you will be sent a security code which you will need to enter where indicated for verify your identity.

"> Step 3:" Fill in your details "

Once the account is created, they will ask you for the personal informations necessary to make purchases, such as your name, payment method, and home address.

By completing all these procedures, you will have created your account and from that moment you can start placing orders. The page URL varies by country, so when looking in your browser, make sure your country name is next to it.

How do I register my restaurant with Uber Eats?

Undoubtedly, managing a restaurant is not an easy task, but for the most passionate it is a job full of satisfactions. With so much competition on the market today it is difficult to keep up, and for this reason many are looking for new ways to grow their business. One such method is sign up for Uber Eats, since it's cheap and doesn't charge a lot of percentages.

The first thing to keep in mind is that not all restaurants who register can join. Every day a large number of companies fill out the form and it is not possible to accept all those who request it.

Uber Eats takes several details into consideration when choosing which restaurant to partner with. And that's why if he sees yours as appropriate, he'll let you know. But you have to meet some requirements to be a part of Uber Eats.


Step 1: Fill out the form

The first thing you ask us is the city, then the name of the restaurant, address, your personal name. As well as your surname, title, telephone number and email. A is then filled in options bar the number of positions, the type of cuisine, the estimated weekly take-out orders and whether the restaurant staff deliver the orders.

Step 2: Submit the form

Once you have filled out the form, is sent by clicking on the button that indicates it. Uber Eats staff review it to advise you and answer whether your restaurant is ideal or not.

Step 3: Define the delivery area for your orders

The Uber Eats team will be in charge of helping you define the delivery area in case your restaurant is ideal. And you can accept orders quickly.

Plus, the Uber Eats platform makes it easy for you to bill. This way your income will be more controlled and you will not spend money unnecessarily.

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