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Word is a text editor offered by Microsoft through its suite of tools called Office. It is a very simple tool to use, however sometimes all the options offered by it are not known, such as: be able to sort a list in alphabetical order. Click on Office to download the latest version of Word.

Basically we have all learned to use a computer using this tool to transcribe audio from speech to text or any kind of homework we needed to do at school or at work. Word is it was undoubtedly a technological revolution that allowed users to digitize all types of documents.

Steps for the alphabetical and numeric sorting process in Word

The only thing that needs to be done is to get the sorting of a series of words or phrases into Word in alphabetical or numerical order is to follow the steps that will be described.

Step 1: Create a list in Word

First of all, you need to have a document Word open and also the words you want to order. It should be noted that these words must be in the form of a list, if the items or data are not found in the form of a list, sorting in the form of a list cannot be done.

Step 2: Selecting the word list

Here you just have to select from the list of words or phrases you want to sort. If the only thing in the document is the list from to sort, no selection is required

Step 3: Select the option to sort from the list

After selecting the list to sort, you need to click on the option shown in the image, this option is called " Order “, Located in the main tab, it is very easy to locate.

Step 4: sort as you like (alphabetically or numerically)

In this step, the text box named " Sort text ”Should be shown on the screen. Sort by Paragraphs is shown by default. You need to select between the two options in the sorting type, which are Ascending and Descending.

If Ascending is selected, the list will be sorted alphabetically. That is, from A to Z, and if ascending is selected, it will be the inverse of the first option, i.e. from Z to A.

If you want to sort lists from two or more fields, i.e. lists with first and last names. You need to click on the option named " options ”At the bottom of the sorting dialog. In the section called " Separate fields by ”You have to click on the other option and fill that text box with a single space.

Then you just need to click accept to select in the box Order the option called " Password 2 "(This is in the multiple selection combination which has the default option of" Paragraph "). At the end you have to click on accept and that's it.

In the option called " Market ”Which is also located in the sort box, you can select whether you want to sort the list in numeric, text or date form, so that you can sort the required list.

Last tip to sort alphabetically and numerically in Word

We recommend that you use all that options Word ha, this way you can get the most out of this wonderful tool. It is a text editor that has many options that can help anyone get out of trouble.

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