How to split my Android screen without ROOT and without applications

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This can be a bit of a tricky task if we don't know or know of an application that allows us to do this. Fortunately, there are several ways to do this, without the need to install any external application and without ROOT. And you can even split your mobile screen into two mobiles at the same time.

When we split the screen in two, we can multitask without the need to interrupt either. For example, you can have a card YouTube open and, in turn, have a conversation via WhatsApp.

Most cell phones, especially the newer ones, have the ability to split it screen with the convenience of a single touch, as in the case of Huawei devices. However, on slightly older mobiles, it can be done, but it's not that simple a process.

It is important to review the functionality of the phone and carefully read everything that involves split screen placement, as many cell phones, no matter how new, do not support this feature.

How to activate split screen on Android?

This is a fairly generic method that you can perform on any mobile device. It is known as the "method" touch and drag ". To use it, you just need to follow the following steps:

  1. Start by opening the application you want to start screen sharing with. It can come from application or from a specific window on your mobile.
  2. Once opened, you have to tap on the icon located in the application selector. You can usually find it as a box that is on the right side of the bar navigation. Once there, you just have to select the first application.
  3. After selecting it, proceed to drag the application you selected to the top of the screen to place it in its place.
  4. When the first application is in the desired place, you just need to locate the second application in the same way and repeat the previous steps. With the difference that you will not place it in the same place as the first one, but instead you will place it in a free space on your screen.

This way, you will already have yours split screen without any kind of interruption or problem within its functionality.

Split screen by downloading an app

To start splitting the screen, you need to follow the below steps:

  1. Start by logging into the application Google Play and download the split screen creation application, that you can buy for free. You can also get it via an APK.
  2. Once you have downloaded the application, you need to create a widget Split screen. This can be done easily, simply by holding down the main screen and adding the widget " New 1 x 1 split screen ”On the main screen.
  3. The application widget will automatically appear in the home screen.
  4. Eventually the phone will ask you for some permissions, which you will have to grant, so that it is automatically enabled and there are no faults.
  5. Enter the widget, which will take you to the application and choose, which is the first application you want to open as split screen inside your phone.
  6. After that, you have to select which will be the second application that you will have open on the split screen.
  7. Once you have chosen which split screens you will have opened, you just have to press the button " Crea ”And automatically, the new widget will be generated and your screen will be split.

Once it is ready, when you exit the application, you just have to enter the widget, to be able to view the split screen, with the two applications you have selected.

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