How to split your mobile screen into two mobiles at the same time

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Currently ZTE Axon M is the only mobile phone equipped with two screens to be used at the same time. The device allows us to literally fold the screen so that we can use it as a normal phone or as a dual-screen device.

The specs of this device are really good since it has a 4GB RAM, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor and its screens are in Full HD 426 dpi 5,2 inch TFT LCD.

However, keep in mind that having a weight of 230 grams after a short time of use can become quite heavy. In turn, the double screen in case it is not used on a table or rests on a surface can make it uncomfortable to use quickly.

Currently split the phone screen in two cell phones it is not exactly possible. The only way to do this is precisely with this class of devices, like it ZTE Axon M, which obviously caters to a very specific audience and is not for everyone.

Split my mobile screen into two phones

What we can do is split the screen of our device to be able to use several applications at the same time. Obviously, the bigger your phone screen, the more comfortable you can work.

To be able to split the screen and use the multi-window screen. What you can do is tap on the app selector icon which is generally found on the right side of the navigation bar and choose the first of the applications.

The next thing would be to drag the app to the top of the screen and drop it. After that you can choose the other application you want to open at the bottom of the screen. This way you will have the split screen on your mobile.

After that you can adjust the size of both applications without any kind of hassle to prioritize one of the two apps.

How to split my mobile screen into two phones

The other option for having two applications on the screen is quite simple. In case the first alternative we have proposed doesn't work. What you can do is tap the icon to switch applications.

After this you can see how the application is minimized to fill the top half of the screen and you can see the other apps that are open at the bottom. Simply tap on the second app you want to open and it will change to fill the bottom of the screen.

Obviously these methods may vary depending on the device and version of Android you have. However, one of the two should work on all phones on the market.

As we discussed above, have it your mobile screen split into two mobile phones that's not feasible today unless you have a phone like the ZTE we discussed above that's already ready for it. Although this device is more focused on those people who work a lot with their mobile phone.

If you know a method for split your mobile screen into two mobiles at the same time, we invite you to share it with us in the comments box that you find a little further down.

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