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If you still don't know or are a little shy about how to get started or get started a conversation about Badoo, keep reading and you will see that I will give you the best tips and the best most original phrases to interact and end up connecting with the boy or girl you like.

Badoo for those who still do not know is a social network to interact with boys or girls depending on the sex you want to conquer. If you are alone and you are looking for love, or to be in a relationship, both short and long term, Badoo is for you.

If you don't have an account yet or don't know how to register, here we leave you the link on how to register or create a free Badoo account step by step. And that way you can start a conversation with your boyfriend or girlfriend you just like seeing their profile picture.

The more original you have in the way you interact with others, the better the results you will get. You just have to know a little psychology men or women or put yourself in their place of what they will want or seek.

Today social networks have gone global and if you can get it good social networks and you know how to manage them, you will always have the best results, but it doesn't hurt to have more tips that will be very useful as we tell you here.

How to start a conversation on Badoo?

 Badoo is a social network for teens or girls who are looking for their average najaran or who want to feel loved by another person, or they also want to meet new people in their life, or even just spend some time without commitments.

 In this application it is one of the best applications for flirting or you will meet people near the area you are in and at your age. But if you have trouble logging into Badoo or start a conversation and get results, we will give you some tips that will be very useful to you.

You have to start a conversation with something that is unique or that generates a lot of intrigue on the other side and that way they will get back to you immediately. Don't write the common the simple as a "Hi how are you", write something original.

Boys or girls love to be surprised, to think and this crazy or crazy because he writes it to me, that is, to be from another world in a nutshell. Those messages that you are usually not used to receiving. 

Choose or match the boy or girl girl you like on Badoo and start a conversation that girl or boy will never forget. And in this way you can always be present in his mind and in his chat of daily conversations.

Original phrases to start your conversation on Badoo

The first message opening the conversation is a type statement "Something tells me". It's a very different, unique and original message that girls or boys don't usually get, for example "something tells me we'll do well" or "something tells me I'll be close to you tomorrow." This way you will have good results in your conversation.

The second opening is "you can not do this", when you tell a girl or a boy you will immediately generate an intrigue and in this way they will automatically reply to you. The idea is to play with your questions to generate the best interaction. 

The third can opener consists of a single word to generate the most responses as "interesting" you will generate a curiosity that you will use to direct you to an appointment or to where you are looking for.

The fourth opening will be "If you didn't lie to me in your profile description, we'll get along", it is a compound opening, that is, it first generates a negative emotion and then you treat or treat it as a liar. It also generates an importance that you read their profile.

With these tips and some of the best phrases and words to start a conversation for the first time with that guy or girl you want to connect with, you will get the best results from this, don't hesitate. Start making friends and meet people from your area or from other countries.

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