How to stop apps consuming a lot of RAM on Android?

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When we use our mobile phone, we have to take into account some technical aspects, that if we ignore them, its performance and speed can be lost.

And this is due to the consumption of RAM by the applications installed. It is for this reason that we will show you below how to stop apps consuming a lot of RAM on Android?

This is very common when we have a large number of applications open at the same time or are running in the background. So what should we do? Well, nothing, put into practice the steps that we will give you below, so that you can   stop very easily Apps that consume a lot of RAM on Android.

When the Ram memory of our smartphone crashes, it stops working properly and correctly. Make your response very slow when opening an application or running a task. For this reason it is also advisable to increase and free up the RAM memory of my Android phone, so that its work is optimal.

How to stop apps consuming a lot of RAM on Android

But first we have to consider an important aspect and that is some of the applications you have installed on your device. And perhaps they consume a lot RAM, it is not recommended to stop them.

As these are necessary for the proper functioning of the system, such as Google Play Store, Google Search, Google Play Services, Google Keyboard, Google Assistant, Google Contacts Sync.

The steps we will list below and which will help you stop apps that consume a lot of RAM on Android. And they do not allow your mobile to have optimal performance, we will do all this without the use of an external application and it will only be necessary to make some changes to the configuration of the phone, to increase the memory.

Before we begin, it is convenient for you to know that the only way this procedure is done correctly and can have the results we are looking for. It is the strict observance of the indications that we will name you below.

Steps to stop apps consuming a lot of RAM

We must first go to our mobile and select the Settings option in the Start screen, in this window go to the Running section.

Here you will see a long list of applications currently running. Now to stop it, you just need to click the Stop button on the app of your choice.

In this section Running we will observe not only the apps that are running at the moment, we can also see the processes and services that are running. How to check how much RAM is consuming right now. So in this way we can discern which application we should stop to avoid memory consumption.

Just remember to take into consideration the applications we mentioned earlier and don't stop an App that could cause a system malfunction.

Now, if what you want is for an app to stop working, you need to go to the All section, select an app by clicking on it and now press the Force Stop option.

Then you need to delete it and to continue with the procedure you need to click on the Disable option. Otherwise and you want to redo everything you did, you need to click Enable. In this way, you open those applications that you think are consuming a lot memoria RAM in Android.

As you can see, it is a very procedure simple and fast to run, you just have to be a little careful when choosing the App you are about to stop.

So your mobile won't suffer from a different and bigger problem. In this way you have been able to learn how to stop apps that consume a lot of RAM on Android.

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