How to stop you from contacting you unknown from Telegram?

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Telegram is gaining in popularity and for many it's a matter of time before it surpasses WhatsApp in number of users, since, in terms of functions, Telegram seems far superior to WhatsApp.

However, due to the ignorance many people have about this application, the they call complicated and even insecure. This is the number of users who have criticized the fact that unknown people can contact them without their permission. Even if this is true, Telegram gives you the ability to block anyone who is not within your contacts, let's see how to do it below.

Why can strangers write to you on Telegram?

Telegram offers some features that other messaging apps don't have, providing very interesting privacy options. That you are contacted by a stranger can happen for a couple of reasons, one of them is that you have an active option that allows anyone to write to you, or otherwise, that people close to your location also have the opportunity to send you a message. This happens because Telegram has the possibility that people who are within a radius of 3 kilometers can contact you, just like you with them.

For both cases there is a quick and easy solution that you can apply.

Steps to prevent anyone from writing to you

First, we will disable the option to prevent anyone from writing to you, for them follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Telegram and go up Settings, this is achieved in the three horizontal lines located in the upper left corner.
  2. Then press the option Privacy and security.
  3. You will be shown a menu, choose Phone Number.
  4. You will be taken to another screen with some options, where there is one that says Who can see my number?
  5. We recommend that you choose I my contacts in so that only the people you added can contact you, in the same way you can choose Nobody, so that no person (contacts or strangers) can see your phone number.
  6. You can also edit in the section that says Who can find me with my number? And marks I my contacts instead of All.
  7. Once you have saved these changes, go back once in the menu and access the option Groups and channels.
  8. This section allows you to choose who can include you in a group, you will only have two options All o I my contacts, choose the second option to avoid being contacted by strangers. The same can be done for calls, profile picture and last time online.

If you hide your phone number, your contacts will only be able to locate you by your username.

How to avoid being seen by close people

As we discussed earlier, Telegram has the ability to show you to people close to the site you are on, although this option is blocked by default, if for some reason you have granted the necessary permissions, we will show you how can you stop being visible to those Telegram users who are nearby:

  1. Click again on the three horizontal lines located at the top left of your mobile.
  2. Choose the option Contact Us.
  3. Press the Find people nearby section.
  4. The option will appear in red in the first line Stop showing me, if you previously activated the option Make me visible, press it and that's it, you will immediately stop being visible to nearby users you don't know.

With these simple steps you can keep your privacy on Telegram 100%, preventing unknown people from contacting you. Likewise, we invite you to see 103 Telegram features that are not in WhatsApp, so that you know a little more about this excellent instant messaging app.

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