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It may seem trivial these days, but did you know that until version 4.0 of the system it was not possible fare screenshot su Android? In order to perform an action that now seems extremely simple, it was necessary to resort to third-party applications or services, which in some cases even required superuser permissions, or to be lucky that the manufacturer in question had already adopted this functionality.

Fortunately, things have changed. Currently, it is possible take screenshots on any android mobile, whatever its version or the level of customization with which the corresponding manufacturer has decided to dirty the operating system. In this guide we explain the different ways to take a screenshot or a screenshot that you can use, whatever your device.

Taking a screenshot can be different depending on the mobile phone you use.

Screenshots on Android: how to take them whatever your device.

As I said, a depending on the mobile phone you use, you may need to use one or another method to take a screenshot that will be stored in the phone's memory as an image, so that you can later share it via applications like WhatsApp. Next, we'll go over all the ways you can use to take a screenshot.

The basic and universal form

Whatever your Android mobile, there is a combination of buttons to take a screenshot. This method is the most used for the simple fact of being the most common among the devices of the different manufacturers. Furthermore, is the fastest way to take a capture.

In the vast majority of Android phones, the combination of buttons required to take a screenshot is the power button + volume down button. However, it is possible that the manufacturer of your mobile has decided to change the method and change the combination of buttons as necessary press the power button and the volume up button at the same time.

Using the Google Assistant

You can ask the Google Assistant to take a screenshot for you.

The Google Assistant, currently included natively in the vast majority of devices - all those with a version higher than Android 5 Lollipop -, also has the possibility of take screenshots. In this case, the process is as simple as running the wizard, by voice or by long pressing the Home button, and by selecting the "Share screenshot" option.

In this case, of course, the capture is not stored in the phone's memory, and therefore will not appear in the gallery, but the assistant himself will encourage us to share the photograph we have captured via a third-party app. If you want to save it, you can choose to upload the image to Google Photos.

Take a screenshot on a Samsung mobile

If you have a Samsung smartphone, the screen capture method will depend on the age of the device. In models with a physical Home button, that is all those prior to Galaxy S8 and Note8, the procedure is to press the button to turn on the device at the same time next to the Home button.

On the other hand, if you have a more modern model that does not have a physical button on the front like a Galaxy S20 or Galaxy A50, you can use the native Android method: power button + volume down button.

Take a screenshot on a Huawei mobile

Huawei uses two different methods to take screenshots. The first is the native form of Android: power button + volume down button at the same time. However, in some models, mainly in the P and Mate ranges, it is possible to take screenshots pressing the screen twice with the knuckles of your hand.

Take a screenshot on a Xiaomi or Redmi mobile

No matter how big the differences are between MIUI and stock Android, some features of Google's operating system remain in the software of Xiaomi mobile phones. Fortunately, one of these features is the method of taking screenshots, as that's enough press and hold the volume and power buttons to capture the screen of your Redmi, POCO, Black Shark or Mi smartphone.

Take a screenshot on an LG mobile

LG is another of the brands that bet on the classic method of taking screenshots. Similarly to AOSP, that's enough press the volume down button and the power button. It is necessary to keep in mind, of course, that some old South Korean models have the power button on the back.

Take a screenshot on an OPPO or realme mobile

OPPO and realme phones share the same software base, and so it's no surprise that in many respects they are practically the same. One of these aspects is the capture process.

The brand itself suggests following the usual process of simultaneously pressing the power and volume down buttons for a second or two to take a capture. However, there is also the possibility of activating a mode that allows you to take a screenshot by swiping three fingers from top to bottom on the screen. In case this option is not available, you will need to activate it from the device settings.

Take a screenshot on a Motorola cellphone

With software so similar to that of Google's Pixels, it's no surprise that Motorola also uses the basic method to take screenshots on their mobile phones. Therefore, the brand itself indicates that, to take screenshots on their phones, it is enough press and hold the power button and the volume down button for three seconds simultaneously.

Take a screenshot on a OnePlus mobile

OnePlus follows also the classic method of Android screenshot, allowing you to capture the screen by pressing the power button for two seconds and turning the volume down simultaneously.

In addition, the company offers the possibility of enable an option that allows you to capture the screen by swiping three fingers on it. This option is activated in the system settings, in the section «Gestures and buttons».

Take a screenshot on a Sony mobile

Sony has a way un bit unusual to take screenshots, as you need to enter the mobile phone shutdown menu to access this function. Therefore, to take a screenshot on an Xperia mobile, it is necessary long press the power button and click the link to capture the screen.

On the other hand, it is also possible to perform the classic Android key combination: power button + volume down button at the same time, to capture the screen of a Japanese phone.

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