How to take a screenshot on an iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max

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We never know when to take a screenshot it could be useful to us , even without using some buttons on the iPhone. Or to save a conversation we have through applications such as WhatsApp. Because we saw an offer in an ad on a social network that we want to save. Whatever the reason, it is essential that you know how to take a screenshot.

This is quite useful because sometimes you can't download an image or it's a lot easier to take a screenshot of an excerpt from a document we searched on the Internet instead of downloading it or copying the text. So we can save a lot of really useful information thanks to screenshots.

The procedure to perform them is actually extremely simple and in a few seconds you will be able to take a screenshot of your device to have really valuable information saved. Obviously the way to capture the screen of your mobile can vary from device to device.

Not only can it vary by brand. On many occasions, while the manufacturers themselves update their designs, so too does the way take a screenshot from an iPhone 7 to an iPhone 11 It can change.

So we will go to see in detail how to take a screenshot from an iPhone 11 in then. You can see that it is too easy and in seconds you can capture whatever you want. Plus, it won't be difficult at all to remember the combination of buttons you need to create.

Take screenshots on iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max

Make one screenshot is very simple and, as in most devices, all we have to do is a combination of keys.

We have to press and hold the on / off button for a few seconds located on the right side of the device and the volume up button located on the left side.

The acquisition made below appears for a few seconds. After those seconds it disappears and we can find such capture in the photo gallery of our device as a folder is created when capturing the first screenshot which is exclusive to all captures made since that moment.

How to edit a screenshot on iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max

To edit a screenshot, all we need to do è do click on the thumbnail image that appears on the left side at the bottom screen after taking it.

We can also go to the folder reserved for acquisitions located in the gallery. Here we will be able to manipulate the capture as we want. We can also share it from this same section.

To share the image simply select it and click the share icon. The different options appear like social networks, messages, WhatsApp, etc.

It is so simple to learn to take a screenshot on an iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max. It is all about knowing the button combination which is quite simple and shouldn't be hard to remember so that when you need to take a screenshot of something extremely important you are ready to do it.

You can take as many shots as you want, the only limit is the storage space you have. But considering what they take up and the storage space of these devices, you could say that you can take thousands and still have space to spare.

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