How to take and activate Huawei 3 finger screenshots

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That's why getting to know each of the functions our Huawei mobile phones are capable of is extremely important. This will help us perform better when handling our devices, making the experience a lot simpler and more practical.

How to take and activate 3 finger screenshots on Huawei

Among the most appreciable functions we must capture the screen of our Huawei with 3 fingers. This feature has become very popular, as it gives us the opportunity to capture in a much more practical way than usual. That is (by pressing the volume down button and the power button at the same time).

It should be noted that this function is factory installed on our Huawei equipment. This means that it does not require you to download or install any applications, but it is very important that your software is up to date, to enjoy maximum benefits. Likewise, it is extremely important to point out that this feature, like 3-finger screen capture in Huawei, it is disabled by default on our mobile phone. So we have to activate it manually.

How to activate the screenshot with 3 fingers

To activate the option that allows us to take screenshots with 3 fingers, the first step is to open the settings. Then we will go down until we find the option of intelligent assistance. We can see that it has the shape of a hand.

Upon entering, we will find another menu of options. In which we have to select the alternative it says motion control, is the third option that comes down. So we will look for the last option capture with 3 fingers. Entering we can see how it basically explains the movement we have to make with our fingers to use this function.

Finally, let's activate the 3-finger capture option and then we can exit the settings. In this way we will have successfully activated this important and very useful function on our Huawei device.

Once the option from the settings menu is activated, we can take screenshots whenever we want in a much more practical way than usual. Without using buttons and without having to download any application.

How to take 3 finger screenshots on Huawei

By following all the previous steps and successfully activating the option. Let's go to the screen we want to capture. By placing three fingers on the screen at the same time e sliding them down we will have carried out the screen capture on Huawei.

From there an options bar will appear at the bottom of the screen, among those that stand out the most, it gives us the possibility to share the image we have just taken. If what we want is to change it, we can also do it, as it gives us the opportunity.

All the screenshots we take with our Huawei will come stored in the Screenshots folder that we can find by entering the gallery. It can also be accessed from our Huawei's file manager by searching for the Pictures folder.

Remember that you also have the option to take a long screen shot from your Huawei mobile.

How to disable the 3 finger screen

If what we want is to turn off the option, the first step is to open the settings and scroll down until you find the smart assistance option. Next we will find another menu of options. Where should we mark what the motion control.

Then we will select the last 3 Finger Capture option. Finally, we disable the 3 finger capture option and then we can exit the settings.

It is extremely important to know everything our devices are capable of, so we will avoid a lot of headaches and continue to innovate. Being up to date with the latest technologies has become essential to our life, there is the importance of keeping our Huawei mobile phones up to date. That's why we encourage you to keep learning.

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