How to take screenshot by voice on my android phone?

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Next, we will see how to take screenshot by voice on my android phone. It is not at all complicated to configure the device in such a way as to use our voice to take screenshots of the screen, without having to press a single button.

Screenshots are extremely important and almost all mobile phones natively have a key combination so that it can be done.

But there is also the possibility of using only the voice to capture what we are seeing on the screen of our mobile. To carry out this task, we will have to use a Google application that will not only serve this purpose, but also has other very interesting tools.

With this powerful application you can read QR codes, translate text into different languages, copy text, search for names of foods you don't recognize, among many other things.

So it's an app that's really worth installing on your device. If you haven't installed it yet, what are you waiting for? Because by itself we need to be able to continue with this tutorial and finally be in able to capture the screen of our mobile using our voice.

The tutorial itself is extremely simple and in a few steps you will be able to make all the acquisitions you want without limitations of any kind.

Take a screenshot with your voice on Android

Virtually all mobile devices come with some sort of key combination in order to take a screenshot. But what we want to do now is take a snapshot using the voice, without having to press anything on the phone.

It's possible? For this we will use Google Assistant, the Google application that is really very useful not only for this.

Probably what is going through your mind now is " Ok Google, take a screenshot ". But we need to configure a few things before the assistant can perform that action after ordering it.

So we will see step by step everything we need to do to prepare the Google Assistant and that in this way it can take a screenshot when we indicate it.

How to take screenshots using my voice

  • The first thing we will do is open the Google application, you must be logged in with your account.
  • If you look in the lower right corner you can click on " Other "To find the button" Settings ”And enter the configuration section of the Google Assistant.
  • Once we are in configuration or settings we will have to go to " Wizard ".
  • Here we will look for "Phone" where by pressing you will see a wide variety of options.
  • What we need to keep active is obviously the Google assistant. But it also uses screen context and gives screenshots.
  • What are they for? Using screen context is for overlaying other applications, while donating screenshots is just so the application can take screenshots.
  • So once you activate these options. Now we can use the Google Assistant by indicating the following " OK, Google, take a screenshot ”And the assistant will do it immediately.

You have to keep in mind that when you run the command you have to say it loud, clear and fast so that the capture is done in the application we are using and that the wizard in question does not overlap.

If you have any other questions about how to use google assistant to take screenshots with your voice on android, you can leave it in the comments box that you find a little further down.

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