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In November 2019 Google has launched Stadia, its streaming video game platform.

In case you don't know yet, we tell you the platform Google Stadia has two subscription plans: a basic subscription, which is free and allows you to play some free games, and the Pro subscription, which is paid and provides unlimited access to games and add-ons.

Good news for those who want to know the benefits of your Stadia Pro subscription is that he has the option to try it for free for a period of 30 days for those with the basic subscription or 90 days if he has a paid Google One subscription. During this time they will be able to access all available games and enjoy the latest updates without depositing a single penny.

Google Stadia is Google's game streaming platform

Right now we'll tell you everything you need to know (and do) to get this one Google Stadia Pro free trial.

How to use Google Stadia Pro for free for one month

Users who have a account Google Stadia and who reside in one of the countries where this promotion is available, will be able to use the Stadia Pro service for a period of 30 days completely free.

The offer is available to both new and registered users, with the exception of subscribers Stadia Pro active or previously active.

The conditions necessary to be able to use Google Stadia Pro for free are the following:

  • When filling out the registration form, you must provide a means of payment, but DON'T worry, you will not be billed at all until the 30-day free trial period has expired. If you don't want to be charged, you need to unsubscribe before the end of the month free trial. For information on how to cancel the service, visit
  • At the end of the trial period, you will be charged the standard rate for a monthly subscription to the service Google Stadia Pro. This cost may vary by country, but currently the price for Spain and other European countries is € 9,99 per month.
  • Please note that if you regret it, you will not be refunded any partial amount, if you have not canceled before 30 days, you will be charged for a full month using the payment method you provided during registration.
  • If you decide to cancel your subscription Stadia Pro, you will no longer be able to continue playing the free games and add-ons you have obtained. However, you will not lose access to the games and add-ons you have purchased.
  • Likewise, if you re-subscribe to the Pro membership, you will have access to all the free games and add-ons you previously obtained.
  • As long as you still have access to a game, you can also continue to use add-ons you previously purchased for that game.
  • Requires an active Google account and Stadia registration. Your use of Stadia is subject to the Stadia Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

That's all it takes to get free access to Google Stadia Pro.

Now, we told you at the beginning that if you are a Google One subscriber you can access a period 90-day free trial. We will then tell you all the details.

How to get a free trial of Stadia Pro for 3 months

Register to use Google Stadia Pro for free by logging into the official website.

Google Stadia offers a free promotion for residents of Spain and other countries who have a Google One subscription, this offer consists of one Google Stadia Pro free trial for a period of 3 months.

As with the previous case, there are a few requirements you need to meet to get access to this benefit and we'll detail them for you right now.

  • The first requirement to access this offer is not to have an active Pro subscription now or to have never had one.
  • New users can use the offer while creating their own account Stadia. Those who already have an account created can subscribe to the trial period from
  • To be eligible for this promotion, you must have a paid Google One membership, a Google One trial membership, or be a member of a Google family group with a paid Google One membership.
  • If you haven't subscribed to Stadia Pro, you can do this when you use the offer.
  • Even if you will be asked to enter a payment method during the sign up process, you are not absolutely nothing will be charged for the first three months. Also, you can cancel your subscription at any time before the trial period ends if you don't want to pay for the service. Information on how to unsubscribe can be found at
  • At the end of the three months, if you have not canceled the service, you will be charged the standard monthly payment for Stadia Pro. Similar to the 30-day trial, Google will not issue refunds for partial billing periods, and add-ons purchased during the free trial are also non-refundable.
  • Cancel the Stadia Pro subscription it means you lose access to previously purchased games and add-ons, but you will still have access to the games and add-ons you have purchased.
  • If you subscribe again, you will regain access to all free games and add-ons you had before.
  • The offer expiration date is December 31, 2021 or while stocks last, whichever comes first.
  • Essential requirement is have an active Google account and be registered on Stadia.

New to Stadia?

Try all Google Stadia Pro games for free on any supported device.

Playing Stadia is very simple, all you need to do to get started is to follow these steps:

  1. Register on
  2. Download the Stadia app for Android or IOS.
  3. You can also play from a Chrome OS desktop, laptop, or tablet with a USB controller or HID-compatible USB keyboard and mouse.
  4. Play over Wi-Fi on Google Pixel phones or other compatible Android devices.

Google Stadia can be played on Android TV and Google Chromecast, we will tell you everything in our article.

You can also find a tutorial created especially for new users on the official Stadia support page.

In which countries is the Google Stadia Pro free trial available?

Finally, as mentioned above, the Google Stadia Pro free trial it is not found in all countries, so here is a list of the countries in which it is available:

Canada (in English)

Canada (French)

Czech Republic
















United Kingdom and Ireland

United States of America

Now that you know how try Google Stadia Pro for free, surely you are already tempted to take the test.

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