How to turn an iPhone on and off without touching the screen properly? - Very easy

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How to turn an iPhone on and off without touching the screen properly?

Since iPhone is not just another device, its design and way of operating differs from common equipment. Being one of the most important features, his design of a touch center located in the lower central part that establishes commands, such as entering the application panel or menu.

If you just got an iPhone device, you may find yourself with some aspects of the operation that you are not familiar with and you may not know how to do things like update the software, update the location for the weather, where downloads are saved, etc. Among them is the way to turn an iPhone on or off and there are several ways to perform this action.

Normally, to turn a mobile device on or off, you have accesso to a button located in a specific part of the device; Commonly in the top right or left or in the options panel in the application menu, this action is different on an iPhone.

How to turn on or off an iPhone mobile device?

To turn on your mobile device without even touching its screen, all you have to do is than hold down the button located at the top left for at least five seconds. Then you will find the Apple company logo (a bitten apple) this indicates that you have actually activated the option to turn on the computer.

turn off the equipment, two actions are needed together. It is necessary to press again the side button for a few seconds and at the same time it is necessary to press the button volume (located at the very top right). You can do this with the button to increase or decrease the volume.

You will find an icon that will ask you if you really want to turn off the equipment. If for some reason it is not possible to press on the screen to respond positively to the action, you can simply keep pressing the buttons until the equipment turns off.

It is important to remember that not all iPhone devices turn on or off in the same way, there are a few different steps for the slightly older ones.

How to turn on or off iPhone 6nd generation (iPhone 7,8, 5,4) and XNUMXst generation (iPhone XNUMX) equipment

In the case of the iPhone's second generation (6,7 o 8) o di first generation (5, 4), the steps to turn the equipment off or on are very similar, but with some differences. To do this, you need to do the following:

To turn on or off second generation iPhone devices, you just have to continuously press the button on the left side for a few seconds. Below you will find a slider icon with the "shut down" option. In case you want to turn it on, press the button until the Apple icon appears

Things you should know about your iPhone device

iPhone comprises an'intera global computer network, so it has provided a wireless network that allows you to connect to your device and access the internet and various online platforms much faster.

You can establish a conversation via SMS or MMS using and activating iMessage, this is a type of messaging exclusive to iPhone users, it is quite smooth and easy to manage and besides it comes at no cost.

Through the iOS download platform you have access to a world of applications with your device. You can access it with peace of mind, as you are making sure that all products / services and applications offered are legal and virus-free.
iPhone is a multifunctional team, so it has a plethora of options available on the device.

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