How to Turn Pedometer On or Off on Huawei Android Phones - Quick and Easy

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Furthermore, from the start, these Huawei phones are compatible with a number of applications, some already installed at the factory, i Huawei phones are very complete devices with great utility and beautiful designs, which let you perform more functions.

You can configure and activate your applications to your liking and customize your device according to your needs, it is advisable to know its functions well.

Interesting applications of Huawei phones

Millions of users of the Huawei brand around the world enjoy the multiple applications they have, one of the applications that has had excellent receptivity is the pedometer or pedometer. This is particularly useful for those who play sports or simply take care of their health while enjoying a nice walk.

The pedometer is located near the time indicator of the device, has the symbol of a shoe.   Its function is to show the number of steps you take, for this reason it is very useful for athletes, if your Huawei device has this function and you have not used it, we will show you how to activate and deactivate it.

To activate, go to settings, select the main screen and wallpaper, there you will find the pedometer, click this option and wait for it to appear in blue, this way you will know if it has been activated.

In some devices you need to locate yourself in safety and privacy, there look for the option to show the pedometer, press to activate. Likewise, once you want, you can repeat these steps if you want disable the pedometer.

For many, this innovative tool that the Huawei company has made available to its customers has been quite useful. But there are many other features, functions and news that have made the different models of the Huawei brand very attractive.

Features and functions of Huawei phones

Like any good company in the telecom industry, Huawei keeps up with the latest software updates. Their devices, mostly, especially the high-end ones, require updating to the latest version available.

Speaking of the security offered by these devices, the function of blocking of desired applications. This function is very useful when for some reason we lend the mobile phone and want to protect the multimedia contents. In this case, the user can set a password for the different Apps he has installed, thus protecting his privacy.

Another feature of Huawei cell phones is that their latest models they don't need Google support. They won't have Google services like the pre-installed Google Maps app, Google Drive, and Google Play Store.

All this is due to the fact that both companies have decided to stop their collaboration in this regard, obviously the Huawei company has clarified that the devices already on the market can access Google services.

Given this situation, the new ones Huawei smartphones will have Open Source Android services, this is an open source version of Android and will also feature new software developed by Huawei called Emui. They are also compatible with the Android 10 version, which allows you to download the App from the official website of these.

Undoubtedly, this one Huawei company continues to work to make its high-end phones the most attractive on the market. For this, it has invested in increasing the performance of these devices by producing them with the best processors on the market, it has also provided an application store, the App Galery, so that its customers can access thousands of applications.

To back up important information like contacts, personal data and passwords for their mobiles, they have created a storage cloud. These are interesting features that show that the Huawei brand will continue to compete in the smart mobile phone market.

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