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Likewise, there are plenty of accessories in able to greatly expand the uses that we can  give our equipment, be it mobile phones, tablets, etc. We can integrate them with speakers, HD headphones, tracking devices, etc. So get the most out of our teams.

Today we can even use all the functions of our mobile phone, directly on the wrist, in the best style of the spies of the eighties, all thanks to the famous SmartWatch. These devices allow you to use things like music player, photos, calls, contacts, etc. There is no need to log into our mobile. They are widely used by drivers, athletes, businessmen, etc.

These devices, like virtually any other electronic equipment, can have all kinds of failures, from software failures, to battery failures and in their startup, today we will focus on knowing why, our SmartWatch can fail upon power up.

How to turn on your Smartwatch step by step

Turning on your SmartWatch t500 is very simple, as it has an integrated power / lock button, with which you can turn on or restart the computer simply by holding the button and that's it, it will turn on immediately, unless there is some pulsing problem. Another way to turn on your SmartWatch is by plugging in your charger, this after completing the charge in its entirety, it will turn on automatically.

What to do if the screen of my T500 smartwatch does not turn on?

As mentioned above, these devices, like any electronic equipment, they are quite prone to failures of all kinds in your system, it's not something common, but what can happen can happen.

There are several ways to deal with these situations if that's the case and it happens to you. Software, hardware errors, etc. All are treatable, but it is important that you take into account how much you can intervene yourself if you do not know enough electronics, to go to a professional.

Check your hardware

A fundamental step when checking the operation of our SmartWatch is to check the Hardware, looking for anomalies, such as screen failure, damaged lock button, etc.

If you know a little about electronics and think you are capable of it, you can also open your device to control everything from inside the watch, but this only if you have the necessary knowledge, otherwise you may even make the problem worse. In the case of checking the hardware so that this device turns on, you will need to pay special attention to 2 elements, the lock button and the charging pin.

 Turn it on while you are connected

A fairly common way to check the operation of the boot of our SmartWatch is to turn on the device while it is connected to the charger. In general, if it is a battery failure, this method will allow us to turn it on to check, since when turning on any device, it generates a battery drain on startup, which is sometimes missing and that is why it is necessary to turn on the device together with the charger.

change the dam

If your SmartWatch is plugged into a charger, and this to a power outlet, but it appears to be useless because it can't grab a charge, certain things are likely to happen. First of all, it is possible that your charging pin is damaged, likewise, there is a possibility that the cable is also damaged. Finally, if you see that the situation is not improving, you can also try to change the charger of the T500.

Ways to quickly shut down the T500

Just as there are several ways to turn on a t500 SmartWatch, there are also several ways to turn them off quickly, here we will show you in detail how to do it.

Swipe left on the screen

The SmartWatch can be turned off by holding the lock button for a few seconds, then we will slide our finger on the left side of the screen and the device will turn off.

Go to "Settings" and press "Turn Off"

To turn off your SmartWatch t500, you will need to press the crown located on the right side of the device, once done, the main menu will appear, in it you will have to press the icon with 4 circular parts.

Next, a list of options will appear on the screen, you will have to press the first one, which will say " Information ". Automatically after, the shutdown button will appear, you will press it and the Smartwatch will automatically shut down.

Where can I find the manual for my Smartwatch?

We can access the user manual of the t500 in 2 ways, the main one is to get it in physical form, as it comes in the box of the device, therefore, having the equipment, you will also have the manual.

Another way to obtain the user manual is via the web, since there are several sites on the internet where you can access this information, even by entering platforms such as YouTube.

At what maximum distance from my phone does my Smartwatch work?

This will greatly depend on the device and environment, most, if not all, SmartWatches work via Bluetooth, thus allowing the device to have a range of at least 10 meters. But as we said, that will depend entirely on the model, since an Apple Watch could also run at around 15 meters.

The fact of the terrain also influences a lot, as if there is interference or obstacles between your SmartWatch and your mobile phone, this could cause it to have a slightly lower range as well.

SmartWatches have been designed to facilitate access to your information in circumstances where you would not normally be able to use your phone, we recommend that you use this equipment correctly.

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