How to type faster on your mobile keyboard without seeing Fleksy usage

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Questions about keyboard functions are one of the most common. We constantly get questions about how to remove vibrations from the keyboard, how to enter a number line, how to save everything I type, etc.

Today we will teach you to type without seeing and smoothly with the keyboard, using Fleksy. It is an application for mobile devices that is constantly renewed bringing us more usefulness.

Now without further ado, let's see how Fleksy works, a very useful tool.

How to type faster on the keyboard using Fleksy

Before we start explaining how to use this keyboard, you need to have the Fleksy app installed on your mobile device. IS available for Android and iOS operating systems in the official Play Store and Apple Store.

Once installed, you need to grant it the necessary permissions to be able to function normally.

When you do this, a text box will appear on your mobile screen informing you that it will memorize everything I typed now on using Flexy, including passwords, credit card numbers, and other personal information.

You must click Accept at the bottom of the text box to continue. Now we just have to activate it. Remember that you can deactivate and activate this function at any time by following the same procedure, since they are reversible actions.

Let's see how to activate it. To do this, go to your device's settings, represented by the gear icon. From there, go up Language and text entry.

Once inside, we need to click on the Keyboard submenu. The next thing will be to go into the Current Keyboard section and toggle the switch in the Fleksy section. This way you will already have this feature active on your device.

How to use the Fleksy app on my device to type faster

In this section we will tell you how to use Fleksy on your device to write faster. You need to configure the application in the language you normally use. Also, you can add different themes to your keyboard, such as changing the color or the format of the letters (you can also write special characters).

To perform all these actions, you need to log into the Fleksy application. In the first tab at the top of the screen, under Themes, you can see the different theme options you have. You can choose for some.

On the second tab, in Settings, you have to choose your language and the type of keyboard you want to use. You can choose to select more than one if you normally use more than one language.

To choose the languages, you need to press a few seconds on each of them so that they are downloaded.

Now you just have to start using it. When you start typing, you can slide your finger across the keyboard without lifting it. At the top you will have several word options.

Or, by pressing on the keys, you will see the several words that can be formed. This application has a predictive keyboard configured, which will improve as you use it.

To change the words you can slide your finger left or right and see the options.

Now that you have everything set up and know how to use it, practice your fingers and maximize the time you browse with this method for typing faster on the keyboard.

If you have more questions about some other keyboard functions of your device, you can visit our page and see some of the tutorials available. Remember that we are uploading articles periodically.

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