How to Uninstall Eclipse IDE Windows 10 Permanently?

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One of the best features of Windows 10 is that it allows you to install any type of program. One of the most used programs by many application programmers is the Eclipse IDE for its ease of use.

In a moment we will show you how you can uninstall the Eclipse IDE program and how to delete any residual data left by this application in Windows 10 with a very easy to use external program.

What to do to remove Eclipse if it does not appear in the control panel?

There are times when you try to remove a program on your computer frequently, from the Windows Control Panel and one of those programs is Eclipse. This tool it rarely appears among installed programs, so you will have to try to remove it by other means.

Open the application from your location

For this you will enter the file manager of your PC, then you will go to the menu located on the taskbar and open the 'Control Panel'. There you will click on "Programs" and then you will enter the part of "Programs and Features", there you will see each of the programs that you have on your computer.

Then, in the list you will look for the 'Eclipse' icon, you will click on it and then at the beginning of that menu you will do click uninstall and the process will begin.

Right-click on delete from root folder

In the main folder of this program you can also delete the Eclipse program, you have to go to the "Computer" tab located in the left sidebar of the Windows file manager. When you enter there, click on the “Local Disk” option and you will enter the folder which has the name “Program Files”.

In this folder you need to find what has the name Eclipse IDE and you will put it too, inside this folder there is an.EXE file with the name of 'Uninstall', you will run it and give it permission. This uninstalls the Eclipse IDE program.

How to access the Eclipse root?

There are two other ways to get to the Eclipse root folder. One comes from the Eclipse installer, the other it can be from a collegamento located on the main screen for quick access to the program.

Desktop shortcut

From this link you can get to the Eclipse folder to uninstall it, to get there you just have to press the mouse pointer on that access and you will give the right click. In the tab that opens, click on go to file location. This will take you immediately to the root folder from which the link was derived.

Eclipse executable file

From the Windows menu you can also find the Eclipse installer. There you will open the "All Programs" tab and position the mouse on the Eclipse IDE name and press the right mouse button, then on the open file location tab and then you will be directed to his address.

Why is it important to eliminate access to waste?

Before proceeding with deleting the Eclipse IDE from programs on your computer, you need to delete each of the shortcuts that belong to this program. Because after uninstalling it will be a confusion and you will think that the program has not been uninstalled and sometimes it will give you errors in case you press them to open them.

Another reason to get rid of everything to do with this program is because your computer may start running slower than normal or it may occupy a lot of weight in the memory and you would have no space for other files.

How do I verify that Eclipse has been removed correctly?

If you think the Eclipse IDE program has not been uninstalled and you want to check it, you need to restart your computer first. After it has turned on again you will do the same procedure you followed to uninstall it and if it is nowhere to be found it means that it has been successfully uninstalled.

Is there another way to uninstall Eclipse?

Of course, you can uninstall Eclipse from your computer using external programs you need to download and install. One of the most recognized for doing this work is 'Synaptic'.

Synaptic packets

This program was created specifically to uninstall programs from any Windows 10 computer. That's why this is the best option when it comes to deleting any program because remove also all residues that this program can leave on your computer and you can disable unnecessary services on your PC.

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