How to Uninstall GameLoop in Windows 10 - Tools and Complete Process

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Games always attract the attention of all audiences, even the elderly. GameLoop is a program with which you can download games and play them whenever you want with an internet connection or offline. This undoubtedly makes it one of the best programs for Windows 10.

However, in some cases it is necessary to uninstall the GameLoop, but not for functional problems but because it is necessary free up hard disk space Of computer. To uninstall the GameLoop from the Windows 10 operating system from your computer, don't leave this page and we will show you how to delete all GameLoop data, how to uninstall the GameLoop program and other things.

What is the procedure for deleting data stored in GameLoop?

The GameLoop is a game emulator for the Android system designed exclusively for opening games and playing them. Since it is a Windows program, you should know that all programs they have some sort of root folder in where the program data are located.

This folder is where all the data that the program has stored from the first day you started using it is located. Eliminating some data it's like restarting the GameLoop, as all saved data will no longer be there. To remove this data, follow these steps:

  1. Look for the “GameLoop” program icon and right click on it to see the extra options.
  2. In the extra options, choose a call called “Open this file location”.
  3. Now a folder will open showing all internal GameLoop data. In it you will look for another folder called “Data” to open it.
  4. By locating it you will delete all the files that are inside it.

By deleting all the files in this folder, GameLoop will be as clean as the day you installed it on your computer. It is essential that you erase absolutely nothing inside other GameLoop folders, because if you do this later it will be impossible for you to uninstall the program or use it.

It should be noted that for quickly find the GameLoop, you can configure your computer's taskbar and then add the program to this bar. In case you want to use GameLoop on your computer, you need to download Windows 10. 

Where can you download IObit Uninstaller to completely erase GameLoop?

IObit is a program that was developed with the main function of uninstalling GameLoop. Sometimes the GameLoop uninstall on your computer can give you some problems. That's why you can download IObit once and for all to remove GameLoop from your operating system.

This program can be downloaded from the official IObit website. Once the program is downloaded, search for it in Windows Explorer and launch it. Finally, complete the whole installation process of IObit, find GameLoop and uninstall it from your computer. In addition to using IObit to uninstall GameLoop, it can also be used to install other programs.

What steps do you need to follow to uninstall GameLoop from your Windows 10?

Earlier we already showed you the process to uninstall GameLoop using IObit, but how to uninstall it without using IObit? There are two ways to uninstall GameLoop without having to download a program, pay attention to how to uninstall it from the Control Panel:

  1. Go to the Windows 10 Start menu, in that menu look for the “Control Panel” section and press it.
  2. When the new window opens, locate the programs section.
  3. In that section called "Programs" you will see a sub option that says "Uninstall a program", press it to go to another window.
  4. There within that window you will see a list of all programs, search for GameLoop, click on it and then click "Uninstall"

After the program has finished uninstalling, restart your computer so that the program processes are finished. Now, let's see how to uninstall GameLoop from its main folder:

  1. Go to your computer desktop, find the GameLoop shortcut and tap it once.
  2. The next thing you should do is right click on it and hit where it says “Open this file location”.
  3. The next window that opens will be that of the GameLoop main folder. There, find an EXE file called “Uninstall” and run it.
  4. Inside the GameLoop uninstall wizard, mark the different options to remove the program and when all is done, restart your computer.

How to check if the uninstallation was successful?

Whenever the uninstallation of a program is finished, it is necessary to check if all its files have been uninstalled. This is done in two ways, namely by checking the Windows recycle bin and also the folder called “App”.

From your apps folder

The “Apps” folder is a library that GameLoop makes once installed on your computer. All the games you installed in GameLoop will reappear in that folder. If you hit that folder and there is nothing, it is because the GameLoop was successfully uninstalled, as there were no traces of its extensions.

However, if while checking that library, the games you installed are still in the GameLoop and the program still starts, it is because the uninstall is not andata successful. In this type of case, you need to go through the same uninstallation process mentioned above again.

With the basket

In the Trash you can find GameLoop files, go to the Trash for these and if there is none of these give, it means that the uninstallation was successful.

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