How to uninstall or delete multiple applications at the same time on my Android mobile

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If you've wondered how uninstall or delete multiple applications at the same time on my Android phone ?, you want because you have little space, you want because you don't need them anymore, here we briefly explain what you need and with the modalities you need you have to do this process, regardless of whether you have root permissions or less.

Our Android OS there offers a number of applications with which we can use everything that our terminal offers us, so it usually tends to accumulate many apps, with the result of running out of space for our personal files.

Uninstall multiple apps at the same time using Play Store

First what you need to open the store, once loaded you have to go to where your installed apps are, for this you can slide your finger to the right starting from the far left of the screen, this will open a menu where the options of your account.

Then look at the applications section and tap. A list will appear with the apps they have pending updates and a horizontal menu will appear at the top.

If you go to the installed programs menu, you will get a list of all the apps you can delete. It is recommended, if you have password protected applications, to disable this protection for avoid errors when trying to uninstall them. 

If you notice that there is a green box where you need to click to free up space. Upon entering, all the apps will appear and to delete several at the same time, simply select them one by one and when you mark all the ones you want to delete, click "release". The process is quick and the marked apps will be deleted upon completion.

Uninstall multiple applications at the same time if you are not a root user

If you own your totally original device without having rooted it, you won't have any problems, as there are a large number of apps for this purpose. In this case we will use one available in the store, if it does not appear you should try to update the Play Store.

You will have to open the shop and search for "Easy Uninstaller", the app has a trash can icon, so it will be easy to spot it. Here you have to choose whether to use the paid or free version, choose the one you choose, you will have similar functions.

Once installed, you need to launch it and you will notice that it will start a scan of all your apps, at the end it will give you a list in which you can mark some of them. With this, all that remains is to press the button at the end of the menu to uninstall.

Alternative for Super Users

Being a user or having root permissions is a very significant advantage in managing our device, as it allows us to customize it as we want and make the most of it. The root is also used a lot to optimize and speed up our mobile, but in this case we will use it to delete our apps. We will do this using a very lightweight app. 

To download it we must use our browser, it can be anyone, you just have to be connected to the internet, enter from the search bar ‘Expert apk uninstaller’ and hit enter. Then the search will begin and as in other cases we will use the Uptodown website to get our app.

We just have to open the link that comes out and during the upload click on the download box. With this the download will start, always when making these downloads it is advisable to know how to detect a fake Apk, to prevent the phone from being a victim of viruses. These fake Apks usually come from pop-up windows that are opened when you try to download an app.

At the end of the download, all you have to do is open the notification that will appear and install it, clicking next and then install. When I'm done it will come out that if you want to open it. Its operation is very similar to the previous step, but this time you will have the option to delete the factory apps, so that you have full control. Once you have marked the apps you want to delete, you need to press the button that says uninstall.

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