How to unzip a RAR and ZIP file with password if I forgot it without programs

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Many times we have seen the need to unzip a file and find that it has an encryption we don't know about, which can give us hours of worry and hard work.

Sometimes there is a chance to find the password through the portal through which the file was downloaded, or by requesting it directly from the person in charge of providing it, but this is not always the case.

Every day there are many cases of people needing to unzip a file whose password is unknown which is problematic to get the necessary content.

There are various programs enabled to facilitate the work of those who have these problems, just enough to use them to solve this situation.

What options are there to be able to unzip a password protected file?

Although many people choose to get WinRAR or ZIP content via online pages, when it is encrypted they should opt for programs that need to be downloaded to your computer.

Each of these programs is responsible for working according to three modes, which are totally efficient for this purpose, varying the degree of difficulty.

The most popular option is through a dictionary, in which a group of common keys is generated to try to insert them and obtain the decompression of the file.

The second way to achieve this is through "brute force", which is nothing more than an attack in which you try an infinite number of combinations of letters and numbers until you find the right one. The downside to this attempt is that the longer the encryption, the longer it will take to get the correct program.

The last option to unzip a file is brute force with a mask, which is the same as the previous one, delimiting only a group of models and parameters to specify each attempt.

Find out how to recover the password from a ZIP or RAR file

Whether the tablet has been downloaded from the Internet, or if you have decided to encrypt the file and forget that password, you don't have to worry, because ARCHPR is the program that will allow you to decompress everything you have need.

In addition to working with various tablet extensions, it is a software that also takes care of using the three options that have been mentioned above.

Therefore, to find out the encryption, it will only be necessary determine the type of attack to perform and configure the parameters to be used.

The "Open" button searches for the tablet whose password you want to find out and then it will start to work automatically, so you just have to wait for a prompt and satisfactory answer.

Accent ZIP is the program you can use to crack the encryption

There are also various software which are determined by a type of extension, such as Accent ZIP which only works with this type of format.

It is one of the best known for those who receive tablets via platforms such as WhatsApp, as it is characterized by its efficiency in decompressing a file with password, thanks to its optimization with various processors.

It has a very easy to use interface and the three variables that have been mentioned above. However, is a paid program which you can enjoy the demo with a limited number of tools.

WinRAR has “Free Rar” to decompress an archive

Known for its characteristic technological advancement, it is a program that takes care of recovering lost and unknown passwords from WinRAR files.

Like the aforementioned program, the its use requires a certain payment, while being able to use a demo for a short period of time, so it is an impractical offer for those who want to use a long-term software.

In this way it is known that the passwords of those encrypted files which are unknown can be found, so you just have to tell your favorite program which mode you want to use and give it time to unzip it.

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