How to unzip Tar.gz files to a specific folder in Windows

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If you have a file in Tar.gz format that you cannot open, then we recommend that you read the following guide in which we will teach you how to unzip Tar.gz files to a specific folder in Windows. This will allow you to correctly save the information contained in a document that contains these attributes.

What are Tar.gz files?

The Tar base file format is named after "Tape Archivers", as it was originally designed specifically to store various files on magnetic tapes. On many occasions, this type of file integrates programs, which is why it is relatively common in the Linux operating system.

The file in Tar.gz format is instead the compressed version of Tar, since originally tar does not have any type of compression. Fortunately, it is possible to unzip Tar.gz files in Windows using the process we will teach you below.

How to unzip Tar.gz files to a specific folder in Windows

Some programs are capable of opening and decompressing files in the Tar.gz format and in the tar format. In any case, the most recommended option is 7-Zip, a well-known decompression software that has full compatibility with the file type in format Tar.gz.


In case you have a file in Tar.gz format, don't worry because the 7-Zip application is one of the best applications to decompress files of this type. If you have any questions about this process, please read the following information carefully.

Configure 7-Zip to be able to use it

change the 7-Zip language, open the application, directly from the 7zFM executable file. Once the program is open, go to the "Tools" section and click on "Options". Finally, select the «Language» tab and choose the Spanish language which will be displayed as «Spanish». After the above, just press the «Accept» button.

On the other hand, in case the context menu does not appear when you press «secondary click», you will need to open 7zFM, locate the «Tools» section, then choose the «7-Zip» option and enable the « Contextual menu ”drop-down options«, »Integra 7-Zip in the Windows context menu«, »Integra 7-Zip in the Windows context menu (32-bit)«. Next, press «OK» and this menu will appear correctly.

We recommend that you perform all the configuration options by opening the program in administrator mode, for this, right-click on the 7zFM file and choose the option "Run as administrator".

Use 7-Zip to decompress files in Tar.gz format

  1. By default, the 7-Zip application shows a context menu when we right-click, this being the option we will use on this occasion. Go to the Tar.gz format file and right click on it.
  2. You should now go to 7-Zip, after which the context menu will appear. It should be noted that this menu is often displayed in English, but don't worry as we will show you the options in both English and Spanish.
  3. In this menu you need to click on the option "Extract file ... / Extract file ..."
  4. After the previous step, the extraction menu will be displayed on the screen, you just have to press on the three dots (...) that appear in the upper right part.
  5. Now choose the folder where you want to unzip the file in Tar.gz format and click on the "OK" option.
  6. After the above, click "accept" again; This action will start unpacking the file in Tar.gz format.

It is important to note that many times files in the Tar.gz format include documents with the extension “tar”, a type of file compatible also with 7-Zip, so you can unzip it without major inconvenience. Also, you can enter a password to the file using 7-Zip to give it a higher level of security.

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