How to update my Huawei Android mobile phone to EMUI 10 version

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What is Hawei's EMUI, does it differ from Android system? EMUI is one of the operating systems that offers us this possibility, thanks to being constantly updated and developed, it offers us a very interesting level of customization. Helping our Huawei mobile phones to be faster and always at the forefront of innovation by enabling customizations such as changing transitions and animations on mobile phones.

How to update my Huawei Android mobile phone to EMUI 10 version

The EMUI10 operating system does not cease to surprise us, this new update delights us with a much faster and more educational interface. Making handling our Huawei mobile phones much more enjoyable.

Among the features that stand out the most in this new version are the improvements in the interface of the camera. Allow the development of this very important tool that has characterized Huawei devices to be very practical.

On the other hand, it can be noted that the improvements during the activation of the dark mode are known. The speed, smooth movement and good graphics make staying on our mobile phones much more comfortable.

Could not miss the fact that the speed and the response time of operating system and interface in general leave us very satisfied. Like the improvements in the wide range of applications that our Huawei mobile phone has incorporated by default.

All the methods to update my Huawei Android phone to EMUI 10 version

The simplest and most practical way to access the latest update on our Huawei mobile is to enter the settings. So we'll go down until we find the last option that is "system", we go in and click on Software update, we wait for the screen to update.

After the page loads, the new EMUI 10 update, here we can see the description and the new improvements it has. Finally, we select Download. In case of pending update, it will appear on the screen that we need to download it first.

Update my Huawei Android mobile to EMUI 10 version from my PC

If for some reason the previous method was unsuccessful, we need not worry. Since in this article we will show different methods on how to update my Huawei Android mobile to EMUI 10 version and all the steps we need to follow.

Another way to update our Huawei is through our PC, in which we have to download it HiSuite tool. It is very important that our mobile phone is sufficiently charged before starting the update.

Using the USB cable, we connect our mobile phone to the PC, then enter the HiSuite tool and select Update system. Finally, we look for the latest update EMUI 10, it will start the download automatically. It is advisable not to disconnect our mobile phone during the process in order not to interrupt the download.

How to update my Huawei Android phone to EMUI 10 beta

As we said before, here we will show you all the ways to update your Huawei Android mobile to EMUI 10 version. If you have not been able to update your device or your Huawei version is not compatible with any of the above methods. We invite you to install the Beta version per EMUI 10.

To qualify for this version it is necessary to download the Friendly User Test application, to which we must log in with our Huawei ID, in case we do not have it we must create it. Once logged in we will search for the personal menu. Then we will select «Take part in the project from", then we log in to the available project.

Here you can see all compatible devices to qualify for this project, if our Huawei mobile is in this list we can install the EMUI 10 Beta version.

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