How To Update Phone Software Using Samsung Kies - Practical Guide

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Technology is becoming more essential and innovative every day, facilitating communication with individuals. Things like wireless headphones or the ability to install applications remotely make users feel like they are living in the future.

The benefits of installing updated programs on laptops are many. You can access the internet, send emails, make purchases of items you wish to purchase, among others. That is why many are looking for ways to keep up to date and today we are going to show you one of the best programs to update your Samsung mobile software. This article will help you a lot when it comes to keeping up to date.

What is a Samsung Kies?

Il Samsung Kies is a program promoted by the Samsung company to help all those people who like to be at the forefront when there are changes to improve the use of their devices. It is a very useful application that allows communication between Samsung phones and the computer.

What are their characteristics?

One of them is that the program allows you to make various data deliveries to many cell phones, tablets and programs. This program allows that once a change is made to any document, it is reflected on the devices that the person has, be it a computer, a tablet or a computer.


The person has the option of archive your files in your library and to transfer the information he has on his cell phone to a computer.

The first thing you need to do is to install the Samsung kíes, then connect the device to the computer, make sure the Internet is working to be successful in the procedure. Find the sync card Select what you want to sync and press the sync button, then disconnect the mobile phone. It is very easy to do.

Sending and receiving information

Another thing you can do is that it allows you to send files from one mobile device or computer to another, in case the person does not want to use the Samsung kíes library. For this you need to connect the device to the computer. Locate the import / export button and press it. Select the files you want to move, disconnect the mobile device.

If you have multiple mobile devices and they have built-in Samsung kies, you can perform a lot of information transfers between different units. What you need to do is connect them to the computer you have available and follow a few steps.

Contacts and opening hours

As regards the contacts and timetables, the first step is to connect both devices to the computer. Locate the import / export tab, these words will appear under these words: transfer to another device. You need to select the desired information, then click or press the button and this will transfer all data or documents. Finally it is necessary to disconnect the devices used.

Multimedia files

As for multimedia files, you need to connect all the mobile devices you will use and proceed to attract all those files you need from one Samsung device to another Samsung. The devices are disconnected.

Backup copy

When the person decides to install this program on their device, they are often afraid of losing the valuable information it contains. Well, this program will give you makes it easy to back up and restore the everything you have stored in it.

Then follow the guidelines below: connect your device to the computer. Locate the backup tab /restoration and press the button.

Select the files you want to make a copy of and finally click backup. It is important for the person to take this into account, due to the inconveniences that may occur during the installation of Samsung Kies and thus not to lose the data they have on their mobile device.

So through this you can get many benefits like adding the desired contacts, a library è available to archive files, transfer documents, download various applications or sign up for a podcast. It is a very simple and easy to use tool.

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