How to upload photos to the cloud Samsung Cloud App What is Samsung Cloud and how does it work?

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The Samsung brand launches a new service called Samsung Cloud App. Samsung is one of the companies preferred by users when they buy a new mobile device.

This is because Samsung innova steadily le its functions and adds new tools such as now Samsung Cloud.

Samsung Galaxy mobiles include several special applications that only its users have, like Samsung Pay, now comes Samsung Cloud, a unique and special app for these devices.

If you are interested in knowing what it is the new Samsung tool, how it works and what benefits it has, we recommend that you continue reading this article.

What is the Samsung Cloud app and how does it work?

Samsung Cloud App is the new tool available to i Cell Samsung, this tool consists of a cloud storage.

If you are one of those who have a Samsung device and at some point you have lost files or run out of internal storage, Samsung Cloud comes to solve this problem.

If you are familiar with the Archiving Google cloud, you will love storing the new Samsung Cloud tool.

The operation of Samsung Cloud it's quite simple, it's designed to store or save backups on your device. 

In order to use Samsung Cloud you need to have an email, so in case of formatting your phone and losing all the data found in it with this new tool it will be easy to get it back.

Therefore, one of the advantages of using Samsun Cloud is that with it you can free up internal storage space on your mobile device without losing your files.

What can be stored in the cloud of the Samsung Cloud app?

With the new Samsung Cloud App service you can save a fairly large and deep backup of your mobile device.

As mentioned above, Samsung Cloud relies on cloud storage so you can save personal files such as photos, documents, music or videos.

One of the advantages of this tool is that its storage can be manual as well as it can be configured in automatic mode.

One of the features and benefits of using the Samsung Galaxy camera is that it allows you to take perfect and professional photos that now with Samsung Cloud can be automatically saved to your cloud so you never lose them.

In addition to storing personal files, the App allows you to save application settings installed on the device, such as contacts, notes, contents saved in the calendar.

Finally, Samsung Cloud It also allows you to save mobile device specifications such as wallpaper, email account, call history and more.

How to upload photos and files to the Samsung Cloud app?

To upload photos and files to the Samsung App cloud, you will need it first to insert, which is extremely simple.

To enter the Samsung Cloud it is necessary accedere all’Account Samsung and then enter your phone settings. 

Once inside the phone settings, you need to select the option “Account e backup”, Samsung Cloud will appear within this function indicating that a backup can be created.

After clicking on Samsung Cloud, the App will launch, offers different functions from which items to sync to which not and how much storage it allows.

Although Samsung Cloud is inspired by creating backups in it, it is also possible to upload certain files such as photos or videos.

To upload photos, videos or files you will need access the Samsung Cloud App menu and click on the Gallery option. Then you can save all the photos and videos that are in the gallery or mark which ones and which not.

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