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Videos or live broadcasts are the medium for convey information, relevant and immediate, most used at the moment. It is an audiovisual path currently considered for communication, such as virtual classrooms and conferences.

Facebook hasn't been left behind in this media innovation and has its own live broadcast platform to be used by all users who deserve it. If you want to learn how to get into one of them and also not be seen, read on.

What is a Facebook video or live stream?

A live broadcast or video is another way of communicating, whether on the Internet or in the media, based on a audiovisual format which is processed in real time and can be seen by many people.

Live broadcasts can take place across various platforms, some better for some themes than others, but all ultimately fulfill the task of informing or imparting knowledge, as in the case of Facebook Live, a Facebook platform that allows this service through the social network in question and has many tools.

For this reason, millions of people use it daily, for different purposes such as socializing, entertaining and / or educating, in the case of online lessons at the level university and university.

And the good thing about this tool is that it can be used from mobile devices, by downloading the Facebook application and you can even download videos, as well as it is also possible to do live broadcasts from your PC or home computer. 

In a live broadcast you can also do many things, from imparting knowledge to broadcasting a video game in real time, so it is important to know how to handle this tool or at least to know insert a video in direct.

How to insert a Facebook video or live stream?

To join a Facebook live, you just have to enter your account, which you can do from your mobile or your computer, and go to the news section and, on the left side, click on View or Watch, and you start to see the huge amount of 'direct' that there are.

But in addition to just inserting a live broadcast, you can create one, which makes it more interesting and useful for Facebook users.

Once logged into the account, making sure before updating the Facebook application to the latest version, you can access the option where the statuses are shared and select where it says "Live video" to start making your live broadcast.

Experience in live broadcast or video is one of the best. The use of Facebook Live is in fact classified as one of the first and most effective means for this type of informant or communicator.

In the case of inserting a video or a live broadcast on Facebook Lite, the option is to broadcast live¸ and if done via Facebook ("normal") the option to click is to broadcast.

How to watch a Facebook video or live stream without them noticing?

Now, if you don't want to do a live broadcast, and you don't want to enter one to avoid being seen or to be aware of your presence, we tell you that you can watch a live video from Facebook without others knowing.

We will not tell you that you need to download an application, as it will not be necessary; And beyond that, the solution to not let you see that you are inside one live broadcast goes the other way. 

Whatever the reason you don't want them noticing if you watch a video or live feed from facebook, we will only help you.

What you can do is simple: log into Facebook from a browser, but this time you'll do it in mode browsing in incognito, an option that you find in the bar at the top right of your browser, and thus access the live broadcast.

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