How to watch and play videos offline or without an internet connection with YouTube Go

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It happens to many of us that while on the transport, we look for a way to entertain ourselves, whether with a book or watching a video. And in the latter, YouTube, the most audiovisual content platform used to the world, he offers us a very useful alternative. It is YouTube Go, created by the company itself, with the aim of watching and downloading videos in a simple and comfortable way.

There are many mobile devices nowadays that have this versatile application ready to use, if you don't have it, we will show you how to download it. And if you already have it, but haven't taken advantage of it, we will explain one of the main functions of this application to you. Yes, we talked about how to watch and play videos offline or without an internet connection with YouTube Go. Let's start!

 How to install YouTube Go

Steps to follow:

  • You must first go to the App Store.
  • Once you have downloaded and installed the file, you will be logged in.
  • Follow the instructions the application asks you below.
  • Accept the terms and conditions and voila! You already have YouTube Go.

If you want to know which ones other registration options e access with e-mail YouTube has in addition to the Google e-mail.

YouTube Go has the advantage that even if you don't have data or have a poor internet signal, you can watch your favorite videos offline. Also, if you have little space on your device, it offers a practical solution. Yes, that's right, with a few simple steps you too can use and utilize these features like an expert. 

How to watch and play videos offline or without an internet connection with YouTube Go

YouTube Go was born with the intention of adapting to the needs of users with different types of operating systems, such as Android. This system, many times for hardware reasons, does not allow the user to access modern applications. This application allows you to play and download videos in a way lighter, without problems and on low performance phones. 

 Download videos and watch offline

1 pass. When you open YouTube Go, on its home page, you can see an interface with some videos, you can choose one of them to download. You can also choose it using the video search engine that appears in the corner, tap it and enter the name of your favorite video.

Step 2. When you click on it, you will notice that it pops up a preview of the video and shows you its quality: low, basic and high. On the right side, you can also see its weight based on its quality. On this, keep in mind when choosing your video, that the higher the quality and clarity, the more space it will take up. 

3 pass. Once chosen the quality of the video, you have to click on download, wait a few minutes and that's it. To find the downloaded videos, you need to go to the application home page and open the download folder, the videos will be there. They will also be stored in the memory of your device. 

If the download option isn't available in the video preview, it's not your phone, calm down! This depends on the copyright of each video and the permissions you grant. If so, try searching for a video on another channel that posted it and watching it offline on YouTube Go. 

Remember that with YouTube it is also possible to watch HD or High Definition videos on YouTube without them crashing, and the process is very simple.

With these steps you will be able to watch and download your movies, series, TV shows, instructional videos and more on YouTube Go, easily and comfortably. And so, watch them seamlessly without an internet connection and without running out of data while on the go or doing your business. 

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