How to watch Disney Plus via Chromecast on my Smart TV?

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While you may find this application compatible for many devices, it doesn't have an official one for Google. However, don't worry, you can watch Disney Plus via Chromecast without problems if you follow the steps that will be described.

If you don't have a Smart TV or Chromecast device, you can open your Disney Plus account from your PC and from there you can download series and movies or watch them online.

Chromecast, the tool you need

It is an electronic device released in 2013 and still little known by users today. Convert yours normal TV in una smart in able to connect your mobile phones with TV. This, through an HDMI input and the integrated Wifi antenna.

Basically, this device when it connects to your Internet network, forms customized connections with your other devices on the same network. Revolutionizing a bit the way things happen around you.

Although many now have smart TVs, the device has evolved by integrating with them and this is how you can watch Disney Plus via Chromecast or any other streaming service. Another device that is also compatible with Disney Plus is the Apple TV device.

Use your Smart TV to watch Disney Plus via Chromecast

As today, almost everything is related, it is possible to watch Disney Plus via Chromecast on your smart TV with the browser, that is, using the computer. Furthermore, you can use this feature with your android or iOs phones.

Like any paid streaming channel, Disney Plus has a limited number of screens or users who can use the same Diseny Plus account.

Use smart devices

  • Within the main page of the application, select the Google Cast icon located at the top of the screen on the right side. It is a symbol like the wireless signal. Do this before choosing anything you will see.
  • When you press it, you will see another window that says "Transfer a »And a list of all your smart devices, including your TV. Press the device where you want to see it to connect.
  • Now you have to just choose which movie or series you want to see and it will start playing on television. And see No additional cables or complications. Likewise, if you decide to switch between devices while playing, you can. The Google Cast icon will also appear above the screen.

Your phone will act as a kind of remote control, with which you can stop playback. You just have to press the icon and you will appear in another window like the first one. Only, in this, you need to click "Stop broadcast."

Use your browser

  • The process is quite similar to connecting from your smartphone. Play a show from your computer and in the Google browser, press the Cast icon. You can also find it at the top of the screen.
  • A window called will appear "Send", there, choose the device to connect which is connected to the home or space network. You can also access this window through the three points in the Chrome browser.

  • When the message » Stop the content And the Google Cast bar turns blue, it is because the process has started. The best thing about this is that you will see the tab found in your browser without HDMI cables, i.e. you can change windows or web pages to your liking. And all this from a single device.

Nothing prevents you from use the service, one of the advantages is that you can purchase a free trial account for one week. Later you can decide whether to continue or not, even if having Disney Plus in your home has so many advantages that once you try it you will never want to leave it.

Disney Plus is a streaming channel where you can enjoy all the Disney, Marvel, Pixar and National Geographic programming, with this channel you can even create children's profiles for children.

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