How to watch my activity and know how much time per day I use or spend on Instagram

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Today we live obsessed with cell phones, knowing that the time you spend is important to your health. A Harvard University study explains that we unlock the mobile 168 times a day, once every 6 minutes during the time we are awake.

Social networks are here to stay, the number of social networks that exist today is increasing, however the most famous are Instagram, Facebook e Twitter. Instagram is having a wonderful boom, millions of people have signed up to this social network.

This application for some types of people can be addictive, we recommend that you configure your notifications in order to reduce the time you spend on Instagram. Also, know when they see your Instagram Stories. Stories both on Instagram and on other social networks have become a fascinating world.

How much time do you spend on Instagram watching your activities?

When you log into the Instagram application, we will go to the main menu, by clicking on activity, at the top of your mobile screen it will show us the average time and just below we have two options to manage the time.

Schedule a daily reminder it's easy, Instagram will notify us based on the time we schedule a reminder. For example, after 20 minutes of the day, using Instagram will send me a reminder.

Also, in the notifications part, in the settings, you can configure which notifications you should receive and which not, in this way you can block some notifications of direct messages, of live video.

If you enter each of the sections you can activate or deactivate them and if you wish you can deactivate all notifications for a maximum time of 8 hours and a minimum of 15 minutes. And that way you can control notifications that can distract you. 

In case we wish to hide them a bit  our information on Instagram, we only have one option, which is to block the person even if it is a bit extreme, but it is the only way to preserve our privacy. Hiding people I follow on Instagram is also a good option.

Privacy is so important nowadays, you can even remove the 'online' chat on Instagram. An easy way to be on your own social networks without being discovered. We recommend that you periodically delete messages.

How to see recent activity on Instagram?

When you have opened your account, select the heart symbol at the bottom, you have to go to the top and enter the section that says "following".

Now you will see that a report appears with the accounts we follow, look for the one you are interested in and you can see in which photos it has "Piaceto" or which people he followed. Click on the photos to see them.

You can press as many photos as you want to see and review them as many times as you want, but yes, these photos will only appear 24 hours, after 24 hours they will disappear automatically. It's so quick and easy that you can see your recent Instagram activity.

The dark side of social media like Instagram

Anything you say can be used against you. We call it social networks but we also call it self-centered. It is common knowledge that with the new Instagram policies, much of our daily information is in your hands. We may not notice this, because the kind of manipulation that information from our devices passes through is quite delicate. 

Social networks should be used in a way responsible, regardless of what you have. Their management can guarantee enormous success. Likewise, if we present a miscalculation and the consequences will be global.

In adolescence, self-esteem is the more fertile soil. The World Health Organization's recommendation is that children under 2 do not spend a second in front of screens.

Although the reality is different, the average of children of 2 years it is two and a half hours a day and a third of the children use the screens before walking. The biggest risk for our children is not premature screen use, but excessive adult content.

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