How to watch Netflix documentaries for free using YouTube

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Watching Netflix for free is one of many people's claims, and for us it is one of our favorite platforms, as it is the ideal service if what we are looking for is to have a huge amount of content with which to be able to entertain ourselves , and that this has a good balance between quantity and quality. In short, it is one of those platforms that are worth paying for every month.

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And here we can find both films and series and documentaries, which can help us learn many things, and the good thing about the platform is that it renews its content every month, so over time we can enjoy new things to see.

And now, due to the confinement we are experiencing, you can watch Netflix documentaries for free via youtube, and in a totally legal way, even if you don't have a subscription to the platform. All free and totally legal.

How to watch Netflix documentaries for free and legally

Following requests from a large number of teachers, Netflix has decided to give us the opportunity to see many of their documentaries totally free, and the way to do that was to upload them to their official YouTube channel.

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Below, you have the first video from this playlist that Netflix added this content to, the purpose of which is that many students around the world can broaden their knowledge, regardless of whether they are a Netflix subscriber or not. An initiative that, personally, I consider the most successful. And these are all the free Netflix documentaries you'll be able to see on YouTube:

  • Our planet: the diversity of the planet
  • Our planet: frozen worlds
  • Our planet: the jungles
  • Our planet: coastal seas
  • Our planet: from deserts to prairies
  • Our planet: high seas
  • Our planet: the forests
  • Chasing the coral
  • 13th full functionality
  • Tear down the house
  • Period. End of the sentence.
  • The white helmets
  • Sion
  • Explained | Music
  • Explained | The world water crisis
  • Explained | Because women are paid less
  • Explained | The stock market
  • Explained | Cricket
  • Explained | !
  • Explained | Racial wealth gap
  • Abstract | The art of design: illustration
  • Abstract | The art of design: shoe design
  • Abstract | The art of design: scenography
  • Abstract | The art of design: architecture
  • Abstract | The art of design: automotive design
  • Abstract | The art of design: graphic design
  • Abstract | The art of design: photography
  • Abstract | The art of design: interior design
  • Children | he sees him
  • Children | to crawl
  • Children | first words
  • Children | Sleep
  • Children | First steps

The documentaries are uploaded to the official Netflix channel, but in English. The good news is that you will be able to activate subtitles, which are absolutely accurate, as they are exactly the same as Netflix's for these documentaries. So it doesn't matter if you don't know English, since you will still be able to enjoy these documentaries.

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