How to watch PC movies on my Samsung Smart TV without cables

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What do you need to watch PC movies on your Samsung Smart TV without cables?

  • The Smart TV must have the operating system Tizen.
  • Connect the PC and the Smart TV to the same WiFi network.

What are the steps to watch PC movies on your Samsung Smart TV without cables?

Here four methods to watch PC movies on your Samsung Smart TV without cables. With the former, your Smart TV must have a Tizen OS and with the rest of the methods you should only have the same WiFi network for both devices:

first method

  • In Windows go to "start" and select » Mobility Center «.
  • Once there, click "Connect Screen".
  • Then the «Project» section will appear; Among the projection options you will find several, go to «Duplicate», allows you to watch movies without turning off your PC screen, or on "Second screen only", but your PC screen will remain off.

  • Then, in the same menu, click on the final part "Connect to a wireless projection".
  • Wait a few seconds, select your Smart TV and finally the movie will be played.

How to connect your Smart TV to PC

  • If this is your first time connecting your Smart TV to your computer or PC, you have to add it to Windows; for that, right-click on the start button.
  • Go up "Settings".
  • On the next screen go to "Devices", then click "Connected devices".
  • Finally, in the section "Add devices", click on «Add a device» and finally select your Smart TV.

second method

  • Search your PC for Windows Media Player.
  • Once inside, click on the tab "Send" located in the top bar.

  • Select "Enable media streaming".
  • It will take you to another screen, under «Choose media streaming options for computers and devices» click on «Turn on media streaming».
  • Then all compatible devices will appear DLNA that are on your network, check that the Smart TV is listed as allowed, then click Next.
  • In Home of the group all the files you want to share will appear: images, videos, music, documents, devices and printers, etc. click Next.
  • click on «Fine»,
  • Now play one of your movies, once it starts playing, click the button in the top right corner.
  • On the next screen, click the button «Play in», which you will also find in the upper right corner, select there " Play to », there in the submenu select (TV) Smart TV.
  • Finally, wait a few seconds and the movie will start playing on your Smart TV.

third method

  • You can play the movie from the folder where you saved it on your PC, just locate it.
  • Go to the movie, right click on it, in the submenu go to the option «Play to» and then to (TV) Smart TV.
  • Finally, wait for the movie to load on your Smart TV.

Fourth method

  • Turn on your Samsung TV, on the control press the option "source".
  • Go to the TV option and with your control press "Okay".
  • Go to your PC, there in the system tray go up "Settings".
  • Click on «Start» and press the option «System, Display, Notifications and Applications».
  • Go up "Connect to a wireless projection", then a menu will appear on the right side, there click on the name of your Smart TV.
  • Wait for it to connect and appear on your computer.
  • And now you can watch movies from your PC to your Smart TV.

You can use your Samsung Smart TV wirelessly to see everything and now you know how watch PC movies on your Samsung Smart TV without cables;  And in case you didn't know, with these same steps you can play videos and everything you project from your PC.

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