How to watch videos on my mobile without leaving Twitter using PIP mode?

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Twitter is an excellent communication platform that has evolved a lot today. Such has been its growth and the rise of its fans, that the application has had to add several special features to be able to adapt to modern times, due to the large number of people who create an account within this platform.

One of the new tools they have decided to implement goes hand in hand with live video, which has gained great fame within the platform, as it has left behind the fact of recording common videos for Twitter.

What the company is looking for this time is to make the most of the digital tools it already owns, in order to use Twitter's PiP mode. This way, all users could see the video that interest them as they keep watching their tweets and you can even see someone else's video without having to download it.

If you want to know more about PIP mode and how to use it on yours mobile, keep reading this post.

Get more from Twitter live videos

Something that shouldn't surprise everyone in the world it's the fact that social networks never stop evolving. A great example of this has been platforms like Twitter, which have tried to improve for their followers and users who still trust theirs. digital spaces to express their ideas.

Since the beginning of this social networks, many users have transformed it into a fast and dynamic news network where you had the whole world at your fingertips. Today there are many ways to take advantage of this space and be heard around the world.

The videos that are uploaded within this platform have a rapid increase in virality, as the information reaches hundreds of screens in a matter of seconds.

Among all the changes that the platform has made, it is possible to highlight the great importance they have given to the videos and monitoring of the various special events that happen in the world.

This way, a person can tweet and watch a press conference or live video, without being interrupted by any of the activities mentioned above. This is what the PIP mode is all about, which it offers to each user greater freedom and comfort in such a way as to feel comfortable while using the platform.

How to use Twitter's PiP mode on Android

The way the PIP mode is used within your device Android it is quite simple and involves very few steps. It should be noted that this mode is also available for other platforms such as YouTube. To get started, you just need to click on the corresponding video tab, this window will open in large, then the same video will play automatically.

Once the video is started, go to the top right tab and there you will see an icon with a square and an arrow, when you press it, you will see a playback alert according to the plan.

Awards » accepts " or also " granted »And you will see how the video is minimized and you will be able to continue using all the functions of Twitter, while watching your program without any kind of interruption.

Move the screen for convenience

Another of the best things you can do with PIP mode is to place the screen where you want it. To do this, you just have to press the video, which will not stop at any moment, and drag it to the place on the screen you want. You can do this at any time during the broadcast and regardless of location.

If you want the video to keep its original size, press it once and it will zoom in automatically.

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