How to Watch YouTube Videos in HD Without Freezing - Step by Step

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There are many factors to consider why videos can get stuck, however we also have more measures we can apply to solve this small inconvenience.

How to Watch YouTube Videos in HD Without Getting Stuck - Evaluate Your Gear

The problem of slowing down the computer and stuck HD video playback can be due to many things. That's why the first thing we need to do is evaluate ours PC from every perspective, to find the reason for the problem.

Your equipment is old

One of the main reasons why the computer it can respond slowly to certain situations it is precisely that it is very old equipment. The performance of a 10-year-old team will not be the same as that of a brand new one.

Unfortunately, the passage of time puts a strain on the technology, which is often interrupted. Therefore, first evaluate if yours equipment is too oldIf so, it would be worth saving money for a new computer.

On the other hand, if you really want to buy a new computer, a recommended option is to assemble a cheap gaming PC in parts and don't be disappointed with the "game" thing, because a gaming-friendly device will do the rest.

some virus

Another common reason your computer is slow and playing YouTube HD videos blocked it's because a virus is consuming your computer's processing power.

That said, we recommend that you scan your computer with a antivirus, this way you can check if any malware has invaded your system and is consuming your resources.

If you don't know antivirus that will convince you, you can read this list of the best free and paid antivirus for Windows PC, to choose the one that seems to you the best option.

Use these methods to watch YouTube HD videos without getting stuck

In addition to the previous points, we recommend that you analyze the following factors that can also intervene in the performance of the video playback on YouTube:

Many programs running

Another reason YouTube videos freeze is when they are there many open programs. If you have too many applications running on your system, this may affect HD video playback.

For this reason, we recommend that you close all those applications that you are not using, in order to have more free memory and processing capacity for video playback.

You can close programs directly from its interface, with the task manager, or by using Process Closer to forcibly terminate processes in Windows, but if you use the latter, you need to find out very well about it first.

Automatic start programs

Something that tends to easily consume the resources of our system, often also intervening in the playback of HD videos within YouTube, are the so-called autostart programs.

These are programs that run automatically on our system, consuming resources and processing capacity. However, there are ways to limit and delimit them. Follow these steps to limit the number of autostart programs on your system:

  1. To delimit the autostart programs, the first thing to do is to press the combination of Ctrl + Alt + Delete.
  2. After pressing these keys, different options will appear on the screen. You need to click Task Manager, after which the program to check and delete system processes will appear on the screen.
  3. Among the many options present you have to click on start. Any programs that automatically start on your system will appear here.
  4. To prevent a program from starting automatically, right-click on it and select the option Disable. This way the program will no longer start automatically.

Lower the resolution

If your computer is currently not up to par (because you can improve it with the help of an expert) you have no choice but to lower the video quality. If you notice that all the above measures are insufficient and do not work, then all that remains is to reduce the quality of the reproduction.

Changing the quality of YouTube videos to 480p would not be bad, as it is a decent balance of quality and maybe it will work well for your equipment, especially if it is old, to watch YouTube videos in HD without being followed ..

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