How To Wrap My iPhone Cable So It Won't Get Damaged - Useful Tips

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It is true that cables need special care so that they are durable and not damaged or broken by the way they are handled. IPhone cables are more delicate than you might imagine, which is why they require extreme care.

Taking into account that the quality is not the best, it is understood that the iPhone cable is not the most practical. One of the reasons they get damaged is the way you roll it up. It is necessary not to apply tension to the cable and to wind it very smoothly and gently.

Also remember how necessary it is protect the power supply as it is the area most vulnerable to damage. If you want to know the procedures to wind your iPhone cable in the correct way so that it lasts longer and many other fundamental tips, you can continue reading this article.

What are the most common reasons why iPhone cables get damaged?

Apple chargers are not very durable, and the fact that they are damaged is more common than you think. The reason is that the material they are made from is not as good quality, so it is better to take care of them more than other types of cables due to their delicacy.

To wind the cable, you must always hold the power supply, as due to the tension, it is likely to break. You have to remember that this is the most fragile area.

The key to wrapping the cable will always be to do not apply tension and make the turns very smoothly, paying full attention.

Correct procedure for wrapping the cables of your iPhone mobile phone

In order to be able to wrap the iPhone cable without damaging it, it is best to tie it with the help of a rope. To achieve this, you first need to stretch the cord and wrap it in a circular fashion. Eventually you tie it with string to hold its position.

How can I store my iPhone cable so it won't get damaged or damaged?

You can put away the cable of your iPhone in briefcases or pockets that they contain nothing else to make sure they are not damaged. However, you should also take into consideration that if you store them in places with little space and the cable is very compact, you can be sure that it will be mistreated.

What accessories can I use to properly store my iPhone cable?

You can choose to buy special items for the care of your cables, or make them yourself in a practical and economical way.

Special cases

There are suitcases or wallets for sale that are made with the intention of being able to store the cables without damaging them and at the same time keep them in order. This is because it has a variety of pockets and straps so you can organize them however you like.

Drawer with rubber pads

If you have a drawer full of cables and they get tangled up because they're messy, try wrapping them in rubber band so they don't tangle and end up abusing each other. You will need a lot of patience, but it will be worth it so your cables don't get damaged.

Mixed items

Most likely, in electronics stores you can find items designed to organize, store and care for your iPhone cable. You can choose which one is best for you based on your criteria.

Other care we need to have with the state of the iPhone cables

There are several actions you can take so that the your cable is not abused and you need to buy another one immediately.

Power supply

When unplugging the cable, it is essential to do so by holding the connector right at the end of the cable. This is due to its fragility and detaching it from the cable can cause damage.

Uses three-pole power cables

It is recommended to use a three-pole ground connector in to avoid stressing the cable. This is because it has more reach because it is much longer than the double strike, also called "Duckhead".

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