How UBER Pays Me - All about getting charged on UBER

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The perfect example is UBER, which has become the preferred private transport platform, not only for users but also for those who want to increase their income by generating extra cash. If you want to start using this application you can download it easily.

In this portal they will tell you everything there is to know about how Uber pays and what are the payment methods, to be part of this private transport service company that has influence on almost everyone.

What is UBER?

It is an American company that makes its application available to provide a private transport service to users who require Uber and can also be used to work as a driver, after registering as an Uber driver. 

The requirements are pretty simple:

  • Be the minimum age required to drive in your city, with at least one year of experience, and pass a criminal background check.
  • Valid driving license, deed of ownership, driver's license valid and insured, in case it is your car.
  • Although each city has its own regulation for vehicles, they are generally expected to be no more than 10 years old, 4 doors, dual airbags, air conditioning, and seat belts in all their seats.

How does the application work?

If you feel this is the ideal option for you, download the UBER app  from the App Store or Google Play Store, record the personal data they request and your vehicle for verification.

Once registered, you will be ready to use the App, with which you can select the vehicle you will be traveling with, connect and receive travel requests. Accept what you want and follow the instructions.

How do you pay me or what are the ways to get paid at UBER?

Let's now move on to the most important point of this article and the one that most worries when it comes to whether or not to provide our services in transport networks based on mobile applications: SECURITY OF YOUR PAYMENT!

The cost of using the application is equal to 25% of the price that UBER charges the customer for each trip; Obviously there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration, as the drivers are not employees but self-employed.

Therefore, the gasoline, maintenance and depreciation of the car fall on the driver who keeps the remaining 75% profit after tax.

The combination of mileage, time and route is called a price or rate, which varies depending on which country you are in. The payment order is generated weekly and 2 or 3 days after fare adjustments, additional compensation such as bonuses, sharing fees, tips and reimbursement of tolls you have paid.

When does Uber pay its drivers?

The money will be deposited into the account indicated by you during registration, which can be yours or that of a relative. Please note that deposits can be delayed due to bank processing times.

However, when a payment is not completed, the outstanding earnings amount will be added to your available balance as proof that it has not been processed and if what you need is transfer your money once a day, you can make the deposit yourself with the FLEXIBLE PAYMENT service.

As we have seen, work at UBER has multiple benefits and is super secure, so don't waste any more time and get the freedom to be your own boss, manage your busy schedules and join the experience of LEADING YOUR EARNINGS!

Remember the information provided on this website are for informational purposes only and may vary by country, region or city. They are subject to changes and updates without notice.

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