Is Hackintosh Better Than an Apple Computer?

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The Hackintosh began in 2005 when Apple ditched the PowerPC architecture to start using Intel processors. Its name combines the English words Hack (trick) with Macintosh (hence "Hackintosh") and designates a computer capable of running Apple's operating system, macOS, without being installed on a computer designed by Apple in California.

The existence of the Hackintosh benefits from the fact that Apple's operating system, macOS, does not require the introduction of a serial number, so it has no anti-piracy protection levels to overcome.

Another advantage that macOS users have is that there is only one version of the operating system, regardless of the power of the computer or the use that will be made of it. While Windows has numerous versions with different capabilities depending on whether the user is at home, in the office, etc.

There are several reasons why some users may prefer to purchase a Hackintosh computer, and here we will look at the main ones:

1) It is cheaper than an Apple Mac

Despite the fact that Apple always claims that its computers are competitively priced for materials and components that include just that selection, plus Apple's margin, makes a Hackintosh cheaper than the equivalent computer bought directly from Apple.

2) Variety

You can choose the hardware you want (as long as it is compatible), choosing the sound card, memory, hard disk, etc. you need without having to rely on the choice Apple made for its factory computer. A Hackintosh can have a really powerful sound card or several video cards, which may not be available if you want to buy a computer from Apple. In fact, Apple is particularly known for its limited offering in customizing its computers.

3) Use multiple operating systems

Another major reason for preferring a Hackintosh is that you want to use two or more operating systems. Maybe macOS for work and Windows for games or Linux for programming. Being able to have everything you need on the same machine is an important advantage, especially now that BootCamp seems to be making history with new Apple computers featuring their own M1 architecture.

4) Infinite (or almost) hardware upgrades

As time goes by and there is new, better and faster hardware that can help you in your computing workflow, a Hackintosh allows you to remove the outdated part and replace it with the new one. Something unthinkable in any Apple model other than the very expensive Mac Pro. If you need a hard drive, change it. Refresh memory, done. No welding on sheet metal and irreplaceable products. In Hackintos you are the owner of your team and you decide what you want.

5) macOS

It may go without saying, but in many cases the main reason behind a hackintosh is wanting to use macOS, due to its ease of use, its security, and the amount of plug-and-play software and peripherals available. You want to use macOS but don't have the money to buy a computer from Apple, or you have the money but the computers that Apple offers don't give you what you need.

The big reason against Hackintosh

Everything we talked about earlier has one major drawback if you want to assemble your Hackintosh: getting each piece to fit and work perfectly, without compatibility issues, can be tricky. In some cases, setting up the car can take two weeks or more and may require a few trips to the parts store. Riding a Hackintosh is not for inexperienced users.

Buy a pre-assembled Hackintosh

The alternative to this is to purchase a pre-assembled Hackintosh computer, where you are assured that all parts have been tested and verified to work perfectly. Although there are several manufacturers where you can buy a Hackintosh, we want to draw attention to Dualbix, a company based in Spain, which offers Hackintosh computers with a great aesthetic appearance and adapted to different prices and needs: Dualbix SE, Dualbix nano and Dualbix Pro.

With names that take note of Apple's habits (SE, nano, Pro), from the entry-level model to the top of the range that can compete with the Mac Pro in power, they offer everything you need for every situation.


Whether you are into music or movies, and need to upgrade your hardware as much as possible without giving up your entire computer, or if you just want to be able to use Linux or Windows on the same computer as macOS, or maybe just Apple computers. they seem expensive or you don't have the money they ask for, and this is an affordable alternative to enjoying the most advanced operating system in the world, the Hackintosh can be a perfect solution that should be known and considered.

Have you ever used a Hackintosh? Do you have one now? What do you think?

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